I learned something very important this weekend… Do not, under any circumstances, wet-block Alpaca if you are at all gifted with a sense of smell. Seriously folks… Consider this my PSA of the decade. Don’t do it. Remember that smell that pummeled your nose when you were getting the Annie perm back in 3rd grade because, well, you had the dress so you might as well have the hair to match?  That smell that’s like nothing else in the world?  Yeah… Alpaca’s worse. Hubby thought it smelled more like burning hair than wet wool. I can’t really describe it but it was not pretty. And sadly, if I have any intention of wearing the sweater I knit myself, this will not be the last time I’m, um… Treated, to this wonderful aroma…  Luckily, it’s clear it won’t kill me since the sweater is blocked and I’m wearing it as I type, but I think I shall save re-blocking for the midst of a good head cold from here on out!


So anyway, here’s the sweater on the blocking boards.  The blocking boards, by the way, are my latest knitterly acquisition. From the toy department at Wal-Mart. Turns out the same thing I could buy from a knitting shop for $20-$25 cost me $5. Which was cheap enough to justify buying 2 sets right off the bat! So what that they come in a rainbow of color, they do exactly the same thing for a fraction of the cost. Which isn’t to say I have a problem paying knitting store prices, just that I prefer to spend my LYS money on yarn & such instead of foam boards I rarely use! So look at me… That’s kinda like TWO PSAs for the price of one post! 

In other news, I’ve cast on and am well on my way through my Clapotis. Two and a half pattern repeats on the straight row section and then I get to start the decrease.  2/3 of a scarf in and I still can’t tell you if I’m enjoying the knit, but I like the scarf so I will continue. Plus I had that most wonderful of knitting moments- the one where it all makes sense! The sweater was a pretty straight forward knit, no real frills or surprises. Most socks are the same way unless I go for something full of cables or some such thing, but with the scarf there was a moment where suddenly it all made sense and I didn’t need the patter anymore. I love that moment. I think it’s why I knit. Quilting is still enjoyable, but it doesn’t hold a lot of surprises anymore. But knitting… Ahh… Knitting still exercises the muscle between my ears from time to time. I can follow a pattern without a problem, but it becomes so much more fun when the muscle can check out and the knitterly reflexes kick in and the project just sort of flows from there. So this is why I will have a lovely Clapotis to call my own by weeks end. I’m using my very favoritest yarn- Malabrigo. It’s a worsted weight project so I’m using Rios instead of my usual sock weight, and it’s in the Archangle color way. The color way completely cracks me up. I’ve purchased it in three different weights and every time I’ve gotten a completely different palate- the socks are very orange dominant, the scarf is heavily red with distinct oranges and yellows and I have 3 (or is it 4?) skeins of Arroyo that is most decidedly purple. Weird. But I think it might be what draws me to the color way. Its entirely random, not necessarily in my comfort zone, but somehow it works.

In other news… Tried a couple of new TV shows this weekend- finally taking advantage of my Netflix membership to check out Dr. Who.  It seems to be the kit of the knitting world and I feel like I’m missing out by not knowing anything about it so I watched a few episodes. Sci-Fi isn’t so much my thing, but apparently when you toss in campy humor & British accents, it becomes highly entertaining. And, just to make a theme of it, we also checked out Downton Abbey after 2 recommendations in as many days from completely unrelated sources. We watched all of season 1 yesterday. I’m hooked. Hit up PBS, Netflix or your favorite on-line source and check it out. Seriously.

And finally, I’ll leave you with a bit of gratuitous cuteness. I can’t believe my babies are 9 months old already! How did that happen???


One response to “Ta-Da!

  1. I agree totally. That is really not a good smell, unless you can keep in mind that blocking is finishing!

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