Marathon Progress

Today I’ll keep it simple. Just an update on my progress on the all-things-yarny marathon progress.

Autumnal is done, I used 6.5 skeins of Cascade Eco Alpaca at 220 yards per skein, for a total of somewhere around 1430 yards. I knit most of a mile on the sweater (though the collar felt like it went on for at least 10 times that long. UGH) but since I had a good start on it in 2011, I’ll call it 850 yards knit in 2012.  I’ve also finished my first Hermionie sock, so about 150 yards there.  And another skein and a half knit on the Clapotis, 210 yards per skein so something along the lines of 350 there… So this brings me to a grand total of 1350 yards knit so far! Nearly a mile of knitting in slightly more than 3 weeks time. And I have 480 yards spun! All in all, not bad progress for 3 weeks time. Though Millie is feeling a little neglected. I must make sure to spend some quality time with her this weekend and add to my spinning total!


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