My new little corner of happiness

Saturday was new furniture day! A very exciting day, indeed.  I think I can call this the first time no butt has printed my sofa before mine. It’s the 2nd new sofa we’ve had as a couple, but the first was a floor model bought at a clearance center so, while no specific butt did the printing, it was printed by the butts of many test sitters.

The old sofa

This one, however, is all mind. Custom ordered in our choice of fabric and color, ordered with a weeks long wait that felt like forever for it to finally be delivered.  But THIS is my couch. My brand new, never been sat on, mine mine all mine corner of cozy comfort. And I love it. I spent most of my day yesterday enjoying it. And it comes complete with it’s own little corner of knitting bliss. Life is good.

The new sofa

With the new sofa came a new dining set, as well.  Believe it or not, this is the fourth dining set we have had. But it is the first one I’ve picked out.  When I first moved in, we used hubby’s table. In hindsight, it really was perfect for the awkward space that is our living/dining room, but I wasn’t really a fan. It was a corner booth with a bench seat. Just not particularly comfortable. So we gave that one up in favor of my first table. It was a 2nd hand pick up when I graduated college & got my own place. I bought it cheap and we got a lot of good years of it. The table is still in use at our niece’s house now. But I gave that one up when my folks sold the house I grew up in and I took possession of Mom’s antique set. I love that table, but when it came down to it, I had to admit it was just too big for our house.  We live in a palatial 952 square feet of house. a 48″ round table was a bit like floating the Titanic in a tea cup. It just didn’t work.

Titanic sails one last time

So when we went on the hunt for a new sofa, I also wanted to look at tables. And I fell in love.  It’s nothing special, really, I admit that. Classic lines, straightforward design, simple. And I adore it. It fits our space perfectly. And it expands to seat about as many as we can really fit in the house anyway- 6. Perfection! I think this is the first time since moving in over 13 years ago that I feel like my living room “goes” together. We are most decidedly NOT the interior design types. I like comfort. I like simple. I feel at home.

New Table

Both new pieces

So do the kittens. I think they like having enough sofa for everyone to occupy at one time without crowding each other. Of course, they still lay on top of one another. And me. But none the less, they seem to like it. And are also responsible for the bevy of blankets.  We were concerned with them clawing the arms of the couch so figured I’d distract them by something cozy they’d rather knead & snuggle into. Originally bought 2 blankets, one for each arm, but I’d forgotten their new favorite hobby- tunneling. They were quickly making havoc trying to scurry behind the corner cushions, so off to Kohl’s I went for a 3rd blanket for the inside corner. On one hand, it kills me to have to hide the new couch under blankets already, but if it keeps them from clawing things up, I can live with it. And frankly, it makes for the cozy. And I love the cozy.

Bubbles enjoying the new blanket on the new sofa

Spike & Lily being cozy

And just for a bit of knitting content, the current at home project on the needles:

My knitting corner

It doesn’t look like much just yet. Turns out it’s one of those pieces that is going to require blocking, no ifs ands or buts about it. I’ve made good progress. I think it’s been on the needles for about a week and a half and stands to be finished before the work week is out. The pattern is Rosalie (Ravelry link), in Damsel in Damp Places. The yarn is the December edition of Indigodragonfly’s Smart Ass Knitter’s World Domination Club. It has been a lovely bit of knitting. I will have enough yarn leftover for another scarf or, perhaps, mitts or mittens to go with the scarf. We’ll see. It’s probably destined for my stash at least temporarily- I have the February club shipment queued up next and sometime later this week or next I should have the yarn in hand for hubby’s dead fish hat. He’s going to be a sight in camp this year!


2 responses to “My new little corner of happiness

  1. Congratulations on the new sofa and dining set! Definitely lots more sitting room on the couch. We treated ourselves to a new corner sofa too for Christmas! The cats are NOT allowed upstairs to sit on it. Rerun and Pumpkin look almost identical to your Spike and Lily; however, they certainly do not love each other as much as your cats.


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