I am a Knitter

I know this really doesn’t read as any surprise. I’ve been knitting for a while now. I’ve been talking about knitting here since I first logged on. I knit lots of things. But the thing is, I think I’ve crossed the magical threshold that divides knitters from Knitters.

I was first introduced to the difference between knitter and Knitter by the Yarn Harlot a year or so ago. Small k knitters make stuff. We follow patterns, we make stuff that makes us happy. We enjoy our hobby. But somewhere along the line, you may or may not make the leap to the big K knitter. For me, I think this happened. Not that I’ve done anything monumental nor achieved any mind-altered state. I just feel like I’ve done things that make the difference between big K and little k.

I’ve knit a sweater.

I’ve blocked projects because they look WAY better after than before.

I’ve altered patterns to make them either fit better, use different yarn that that which the directions indicate.

I’ve dabbled in designing my own patterns.

I’ve failed at designing my own pattern. And destroyed all evidence

I’ve banished projects to permanent time out.

I’ve hand washed socks.

I’ve ogled other peoples knitterly goodness and wondered, could I make that?

I’ve looked at knit wear in stores and thought, I could TOTALLY make that.

Yep. I think this things make me a Knitter, no longer just the weird girl with the knitting. I am officially a Knitter.

So how about you- big K or small k? And what makes the difference in your mind?


6 responses to “I am a Knitter

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  2. I think I’m still a knitter…have yet to cross that threshold.

  3. Still a knitter….my time shall come.

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  5. Small k knitter, but hopefully I will join your ranks in the following year.
    I think that the things that you listed really define the difference. If I had to add anything it would be that the big K knitter really does analyze knits they see someone else wearing – like you said “could I make that?” “I CAN make that.” “how do I think that was made.” “that was obviously handknit.” “that looks like it was done on a machine.”

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