And the Award For Awesome Customer Service Goes To…

Wow… It’s getting a little dusty around here, isn’t it? I’ve intended to be a better blogger, but, well, the path to hell and all… So here it is… Weeks have gone by, hairs have turned gray, sanity has faltered, life has been, well, life. But today I had to take a moment to rave. In this day and age, customer service is oft forgotten, especially with the volume of online shopping we (I) do, so when someone goes above and beyond, well, I figure the least I can do is brag about them, right? Cuz when I find someplace great to do business with, I want them to stick around. Cuz the more people who check ’em out, the better my chances of being able to continue to shop someplace lovely, even if I can only frequent them on line.  So without further ado, the envelope, please…

The Yarny Goes To: Eat, Sleep, Knit.  I was introduced to this wonderful little site through Ravelry last Thanksgiving-ish. Specifically, the draw was the very fun Black Friday Mystery Discount. You put whatever you want in your cart, you check out and, at the end, you find out what discount you’re to receive on your whole order. Discounts go from 15-100%. The fun is getting yarn. The excitement is the possibility of getting FREE yarn! Cuz lets be honest here kids, there is seldom a better phrase uttered than “Free Yarn”.  So I avoided the crowds and checked out the deals online. And did I ever have fun loading up my cart with WAY more yarn than I could reasonably justify. And I happily checked out with every last yard of it. I think there were 5 or 6 skeins of sock yarn in that lot. All manufacturers I’d not tried locally. And midway through the next week, a big box of wooly wonders arrived on my desk (Always ship to work, friends. You know your package is safe in your hands, not sitting vulnerably on the porch where God knows WHAT dangers may lurk and honestly, whose work day isn’t made better by yarn. In the mail?)

Whats more, Eat Sleep Knit offers a very fun loyalty program. They call it the Yarn Marathon.  The long and the short, they track the “mileage” of yarn you buy throughout the year. Along the way, there are little goodies to earn at particular milestones. Your first mile gets you a welcome packet- mine included a pen, a sample card for the different yarns they carry and a pattern (I think. Amazing how quickly I forget stuff sometimes!). There are store credits, t-shirts, all manner of little amusements to make it even more fun to shop this already very lovely site.  There are a number of yarns on the sight that will net you bonus miles, too. And you get extra credit for ordering sweater quantities. What could be more fun? A marathon of knitting beats the snot out of a marathon of running!

And then there are the Yarn Lotto cards. Each order comes with a scratch off card that may win you free yarn (there it is again. That spectacular phrase we all love to hear! I love it so much I’ll say it again. FREE YARN), store credits, a mitten kit…  Again, little things to make shopping there a pleasure. I’m on a pretty good streak, too. In 4 orders, I’ve gotten 3 winners! Yeah, it’s entirely possible they’ve rigged it cuz they know they have a sucker in their clutches, but I don’t care. I will totally whoore myself out for yarn so this is AWESOME!

As if this wasn’t enough to make them one of my favorite online shopping venues, lets talk about the awesome customer service. I mentioned earlier how quickly I received my Black Friday order. Knowing I can’t possibly be the only person to avail myself of the mystery discount, I have to say that sort of processing time is impressive during normal circumstances. The effort they had to put in to shipping all those orders so quickly. EPIC! So they already got a win from me.

Then came last week’s order.  I can’t honestly recall if it was Tuesday or Wednesday when I decided the sweater-quantity I’d ordered a couple of weeks earlier was going to come up short due to user planning error (didn’t realize the pattern I’d planed to knit was only available in print, didn’t want to spend $16 for the ONE pattern I like. Had to plan a new project), so I surfed Rav for a pattern that would work with the yarn and figured out how much more I needed. And I ordered it. Received a shipping notice that put my yarn arriving at my office on Saturday (Perhaps the only flaw to my ship to the office plan). That was fine, It wasn’t like it was “new” yarn, I knew what to expect, and Lord knows I wasn’t going to knit through the skeins at home before the end of the weekend. Frankly I wasn’t going to knit on it at all. And wouldn’t you know it, the package arrived on Friday! Only it was the wrong color. A lovely shade of light green, but the one I ordered was dark green.

A quick check of the invoice showed that I did order the right yarn, just got the wrong color shipped, but by the time I realized this, the shop was already closed. Again, not terribly worried as I wasn’t going to need the yarn quite yet, I shot out a quick email explaining what happened and asked what I needed to do to exchange it. First thing Saturday morning I had an email telling me the correct yarn was being mailed that day and to keep the incorrect skeins as it was their error. And would you believe I received the replacement skeins in this morning’s mail?! Perhaps I should give some credit to the USPS for what can only be described as a shocking display of efficiency, but instead I shall reserve all praise for the wonderful folks at Eat, Sleep, Knit. I dare say you’ve got yourself a very loyal customer in the form of this knitter. Hope the rest of you will check them out too!


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