Random Tuesday

  1. It is the happiest day EVA in Kindle-land.  Harry Potter has finally FINALLY been released in digital format! I can’t tell you how long I have waited to re-read Harry. Actually, it will be three years in May.
  2. I love my Kindle. I will avoid reading paper at nearly all cost. I have read one book in paper since I got my first Kindle.
  3. I just finished reading the final book in the Percy Jackson & the Olympians at lunch today so the timing on the Harry Potter release couldn’t have been more perfect if I tried.
  4. There is the slightest possibility I may have used the boss’s corporate credit card to complete my order. But if this were to have happened, I would most certainly have already written and deposited the check reimbursing the firm for my purchase. And I would most definitely have come clean to the boss. Maybe not about the specific purchase, but about the use of his card.
  5. I have been following the Weight Watchers Points Plus plan for slightly over 2 months and I have abandoned 17.3 pounds.
  6. I have not lost weight, I know exactly where it has gone and I do not plan to go looking for these pounds ever again.
  7. I had to tighten my belt an extra notch this morning and my damned pants still kept falling down.
  8. I would love for someone to tell me to pull my damned pants up under the circumstances.
  9. I’ve knit my second shawl.
  10. I am not convinced I am a shawl person. But I love this one. I might even wear it.
  11. I am hoping I won’t have to wear it anymore this season. I liked when it was 70 at 7:00pm in Port Washington. In March. I want it back.
  12. I have voted for Donald Driver on Dancing With the Stars.
  13. I have never watched any Dancing With the Stars until this season. I don’t care if the stars are dancing or who they are dancing with.
  14. I have voted for Donald Driver 36 times.
  15. I have plans to knit my next sweater. It will (hopefully) be knit using the yarn reclaimed from last year’s sweater we do not discuss.
  16. Said sweater, were we to discuss it, is no longer in time out. Actually, it is no longer. Period. I’ve destroyed all evidence of it ever having existed.
  17. I feel incredibly satisfied at this.
  18.  must knit my current sweater now. I am 2 rows away from starting the back. It is knit sideways from cuff to cuff so this means I have one sleeve and a side done.

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