A couple of projects

It’s been a pretty prolific year in my knitting life.  I’ve never really put forth a lot of effort in keeping track of projects started and completed in any given stretch of time. It’s not a competition, I knit to relax so I’ve never really cared. But I’ve started using my Ravelry projects page a bit more recently and I’m finding it somewhat entertaining to see what I’ve accomplished. I think it started with the idea to track my yarn mileage, which has honestly fallen by the wayside. Kind of a bummer since I’m intrigued, I just didn’t find a good way to easily track it, so I haven’t paid so much attention. But I do know I’ve already knocked out a whole bunch of stuff and this makes me happy. So this year’s inventory:


My first sweater




Two Scarves

First you yawn, then you S-T-R-E-T-C-H

One pair of mittens

One pair of fingerless mits

Yarn Barf- not the mits, just what happens to yarn when left in the path of kittens.

3 pair of socks (but only 2 pictures)


Two Dead Fish Hats (but only one picture)

One shawl

Malabrigo Scalloped Lace Shawl

So I believe that makes 11 finished objects (technically 14 since I did knit two socks per pair, but we’ll stick with 11 for ease of counting). Not bad for 3 months worth of knitting. Especially when you consider there’s been a good quantity of spinning going on, too. Not to mention that pesky work thing.

On the needles now, I’m working on “perfecting” my version of a clog sock. I have a pattern but I’m not loving the construction of it so I’m winging it. Made one successful sock, as socks go, but not fully functional for it’s intended purpose.  So I’m working on take two. No pictures yet.

And the at home project is this:

 It’s a short sleeved spring/summer sweater in silk. Progress is impressive considering I just cast on on Friday last week and I’ve already started the back. It’s knit sleeve to sleeve sideways so this means one sleeve and the first side are done.


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