Yes, Mom, It looks like I WOULD jump off a cliff

I am not so much a joiner. But neither am I a trend setter. Perfectly content to stand in the shadows, hold up a wall and sneak out early from a party rather than risk much in the way of actual social interaction. Weird girl with the knitting at the party? Yep, that’s me friends! And I think it bothers Mr.Me more than it bothers, well, Me, but he’s not bothered in the way that would make me have to stop, more the way where he makes sure I have knitting in hand when we walk out the door and checks that his phone is fully charged so that he has something to do (yes. I married my equal. Neither of us excells in the social interaction department).

It turns out, though, that I will quickly grab hold of every crazy idea that comes my way. Well, maybe not EVERY crazy idea, but certainly the most insane among them. Recently, this means the Sock Yarn Blankie. The idea was not my own. I am not the sort who invents things like this. Not that it’s outside my skill set, just that I don’t usually strike out on my own with projects. I prefer to steal borrow, often for a nominal fee, and knit along happily using the work product others have put out into the world for me to enjoy.

A couple of years back, the quest for project ideas landed me at Ravelry. It is THE go to sight for all the cool knitting and crochetting kids. It is from places like Ravlery and other evil wonderful knitters in the blogasphere where ideas like this are born. This one came from Keri. She mentioned this particular BOD (Blankie of Doom) around the time I first discovered he blog and, well, it was all over from there. As a quilter turned knitter, the BOD speaks to me. What’s not to love about taking random bits of string, fashioning them into tiny little squares and stitching them together into something warm and cozy?! It’s a quilt. Made out of yarn! And not just any yarn but SOCK yarn. Sock yarn which I have ammased into an ever growing collection. In all colors of the rainbow! What’s more, it’s LEFT OVER sock yarn! I have small feet so it typically takes me about 60% of a 100g skein of yarn to complete a pair of socks. So I have a lot of leftovers. I can buy 2 skeins and make 3 pair of socks and STILL have leftovers most of the time. But it turns out, I don’t necessarily WANT to knit three pair of socks out of the same color yarn. The advantage of my current one pair per skein yarn means easy matching when I do laundry. It’s my little system for making sure I’m not making sacrifices to the god of the lost left sock. Match ’em in pairs, toss ’em into the mesh bag and wash. No pairs, no wash. So if I have 2 or 3 pair in the same yarn, I actually have to match PATTERNS as well as colors.  I don’t like it. Too much organizaiton required. We won’t even COVER the peril of the sock drawer with 4 socks in the same yarn. Nope. Don’t like it. I’ve done it once, I will likely do it again for Packer socks because Green and Gold is the obvious exception to any and all wardrobe restrictions, but the rest of ’em, yeah, either I’m holding a whole bunch of skeins in reserve for a future heel blow out, or I have to find something else to do with these dupilcate skeins. So the sock yarn blanket is PERFECT.

SO thank you Keri, I lovehate you for introducing me to this idea. My sanity is sure to suffer and, lets face it, that was a tenuous little thing to begin with. Between the Minions and the Sock Yarn Blanket of Doom (or Blanket of Epic Insanity- still test driving project names. Not sure which will stick yet. Thoughts?), I’m not sure it’s safe to keep reading your blog. Too many ideas. And yet, it turns out, I love them. If my knitting friends were to jump off the proverbial cliff, from all indications, it appears a safe bet that I would, in fact, jump with you.  So who wants to hold my sticks and string while I close my eyes and leap?


4 responses to “Yes, Mom, It looks like I WOULD jump off a cliff

  1. *Throws hand up in the air while shouting pick me pick me!*
    Voting for Epic Blanket of Insanity. But, I wanna call it that on my blog too please. We can EBI together 🙂

  2. Since I blame you for dragging me off this cliff, I think I can live with that. Trying to force myself to finish the second sleeve of SOEG tonight but I wanna be EBIing

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