The Amazing Technicolor Swap Bag

Look at all the pretties!

In an interesting little twist of knitting mojo, it turns out my Epic Blanket of Insanity has become the current all consuming project. I honestly don’t get it. From the beginning I firmly believed this project isn’t even supposed to grow up to be a finished object. And I’m entirely OK with that.

As with quilting, knitting is the thing I do to keep my hands busy and my mind calm.  Not all projects are started with the intent of finishing. Some are just there to fill in the gaps between actual projects- the ones I begin with a specific purpose and expect to finish in a reasonable amount of time. (Incidentally, these supposed finish-able projects are the reason I’ve been knitting the last could years instead of quilting. Turns out I can’t finish a quilt to save my arse!) The EBI is just the sort of project I turn to when I’m between other projects, finished with the latest PhD, unsure what I want to make next, need something to fill in the interim knitting…

Only it’s not. It’s all I am thinking about.  I still have a sock (two) in progress for take along knitting. I’m not sure I’d know what to do with myself if I didn’t have a sock on the needles, but the EBI has become my go-to project at home. I am a mere 2 squares away from 3 rows complete. I’m even behaving and weaving in the ends as I go, see:

I find myself mentally (and physically) pursuing my stash looking for colors that might be missing (Yellow. I have no yellow.) Yesterday I raided my stash for the already wound yarn cakes that I could spare 10g from.  I have small feet so I regularly have 30-40 grams or more left after finishing a pair of socks. So I picked a few and wound off some cupcakes (if a full skein is a “yarn cake”, I’ve just established a 10g wind-off shall hence forth be referred to as a yarn cupcake) to add to my ends stash.  Last week I sent off a stash of cupcakes to Keri for her EBI and am awaiting a package of the same from her in exchange. And today I may have gotten the ball rolling for another cupcake exchange with an Aussie knitter. So this afternoon I really went to town.  I broke out my full stash of leftover yarn and made a whole bag full of cupcakes to wait for future swaps.  I figure if I don’t find any takers to swap, I can always use the cupcakes myself, but I am hopeful that some will find a new home and someone else’s will find a home in my Epic Blanket of Insanity.

So… You wanna swap?


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