The Traveling Knitter

I can’t tell you how glad I am that I got over any fear I may formerly have possessed over being the weird girl knitting in public. It may still be weird, I’m willing to admit that, but I just don’t care anymore. I am happier when my hands are busy and I enjoy using the time spent keeping my hands busy to turn out finished objects to keep me warm and comfortable. Anyone who doesn’t like it can blow me!

So it’s only natural that, when packing for our recent trip to Austin, TX, my biggest packing challenge was what yarn to bring and what to knit with it. Socks are the obvious answer to any travel knitting conundrum as they are small, require only a single skein of yarn, a couple of needles and a stitch marker or 2 depending on the project. But each trip brings about the challenge of which yarn to pair with with pattern.  I mentioned a few posts back how I went for the very rare pattern repeat with this project.  And I wore the first pair on the plane on the way out so that I had a quick reference for the pattern. Turns out my genius was, well, genius. The flight out was uneventful but still filled with knitting time, so having the handy (err, footie?) reference easily available was great.  Between Milwaukee and our brief layover in Atlanta, I got this far:

Flight number 2 from Atlanta to Austin was equally productive. Finished the foot and was almost finished turning the heel:

Thankfully, the in-laws understands that I don’t sit still well. Over the 13 years I’ve been a part of their family, they’ve come to expect to see me with some sort of hand-work in tow. So it was really not surprising to them to see me knitting away on my sock when we were visiting.  By the end of the day Sunday, I’d finished the first sock. Unfortunately, I also lapsed in my ability to take pictures. What can I say, just because I am a knitting genius does not mean I am always smart!

Monday was departure day.  We managed to squeeze in a quick Segway tour of Austin on our way to the airport so I didn’t have a lot of time to get sock #2 started until we got to the airport. And then I had a LOT of time. Our first flight was delayed which led to a fair display of knitting in public as I stood in line to make alternate arrangements in the likely case we missed our connection. Finished the toe and got started on the foot of sock #2 in that line.  And got a good chunk of that foot knit by the time we made it to Houston (and, incidentally, watched our plane taxi away from the gate just as we ran up to it. UGH).  The craziness that ensued in trying to make alternate flight arrangements to get us back to Milwaukee that night meant I didn’t accomplish a terrible lot of knitting despite the many hours spent in the airport (what can I say, airport cocktails seemed like a better call for all those around me than furiously knitting), but the flight home eventually took to the skies and I finished all but the last bit of turning heel #2 on that leg.


It's hard to look good in a bicycle helmet...

Sock #2 has traveled to and from work, a couple of breakfasts out and an appearance at a funeral (no, even this traveling knitter knows better than to knit through the mass. But I got a lot done during the post-funeral meal and visiting). This week I should be able to finish up . The funny thing is, I think I’m most excited to finish this one not to wear my new socks, but to add the rest of the skein to my “ends” collection for the EBI. That’s not the least bit weird or anything. Trust me.


4 responses to “The Traveling Knitter

  1. I’m wearing my Flutter-byes to work today. They are a wonderful fast knit. I may have to make another pair.

    • I totally blame you for this! (THANKS!) Probably my favorite sock pattern knit thus far. I won’t be surprised if there are more Flutter-By knits in my future. Which is odd cuz I rarely repeat a pattern even once!

  2. It’s been said that when you die you’ll have to go through Atlanta before going to heaven or hell!

    • I’ve had less trouble in Atlanta than we had in Houston, but I’ve heard a lot of Atlanta horror stories so I don’t doubt your statement!

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