My Knitting Life In Mitered Squares, A Retrospective

As I’ve mentioned, I don’t have a whole lot of knitting going down right now. The sock I travel with and the EBI are about all that’s on the needles and I really don’t have plans to cast on anything else at the moment. So you’re going to hear a LOT about the blanket for now…

I realized yesterday as I was winding cupcakes for potential swaps that part of what appeals so much in this project- its reflecting on the various knits that led to the leftover yarn.  I don’t know if I’m odd in my ability to remember events specific to “mementos” or if everyone does this. Mr.Me always finds it weird- for example, every time I decorate the Christmas tree, I remember what ornaments are in what boxes by sight and can usually tell you something about the Christmas the year I got the ornament. His memory pretty much sucks, so it could be I’m the normal one, but I dunno…

At any rate, I’m having fun knitting this Epic Blanket of Insanity for the things each little bit of leftover yarn brings to mind as I go. Today I thought I’d share a few of those memories.

The big orangey rainbow square is where it all began.  It’s the first socks I knit with the big girl yarn. A little sticker shock but even more love for a newfound passion.  And the little black & gray one, that was the first socks I successfully turned out using my Gearhart Circular Sock Machine. Can’t say that I really enjoy using the machine and if an opportunity presents I’m strongly considering selling it, but for anyone who’s ever cranked out a pair of socks on one of these things, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the joy that comes in climbing the mountain!

Another twofer picture. The pink on the left is MadelinTosh in “Molly Ringwald“. I am a child of the 80s so I came of age watching the Brat Pack. Molly Ringwald was a permanent fixture in my movie viewing and I can still happily pass a weekend watching the movies on DVD while putzing in my sewing room.  And the socks that came of that skien- my first real attempt at cables. And I love them.

The orange on the left- that’s the socks I knit when Mr.Me and I went to Washington DC for our 10th anniversary. OK, perhaps we aren’t living it up huge with our trip selections, but it was one we’d always talked about taking and it was a good week.

The blue on the left- that’s MMMMMMMalabrigo from a recently finished object. The first shawl I’ve truly fell in love with and I’ve actually worn in public! I suspect there will be more in my fuure

The purple & green is my current sock on the go.  You heard all about it in yesterday’s post.

That little gray square in the center is a new favorite. It’s my first skein from the recently discovered indigodragonfly  yarns in a color way that’s particularly close to my heart- Have Fun Storming the Castle, named for what remains to this day my favorite movie of all time, The Princess Bride. This is the movie I’ve worn copies out of. I’ve purchased it on VHS, DVD and iTunes. I can turn the sound off and recite ever line without missing a beat. I can close my eyes and see every seen with just the audio. And I’ve ruined at least one person forever on the movie cuz I used to fall asleep to it every night. Sorry about that Katie…

The purple on the left, that is where a love affair began. It was my 2nd pair of socks with the big girl yarn and my first skein of Malabrigo.  I have a really hard time leaving Malabrigo behind when I see it. So much that I often come home with skeins in colors I already have in the stash. And I don’t care. I will knit them all!

On the right, the rainbowy square…  First skein Mr.Me bought for me. It was in my Christmas stocking 2 years ago. Came with a skein of, ironically, purple Malabrigo. Not sure if the second skein had any leftovers to make the EBI or not, but I know I knit 2 pair of socks from it. The funny story to these 2 skeins though…  I sent Mr.Me to my favorite knitting shop without even considering that I was opening myself up to him figuring out just how much I spend on yarn.  OOPS.  Luckily we have that little agreement that goes along the lines of I can’t outspend him so he can’t say BOO!

This burst of color is one of my very favorites. When my BFF found herself preggers with #4 rather unexpectedly (for her at least. I totally called that one. Jill if you tell her about the next oops I predict I will hurt you…), we did a lot of laughing and crying over her fate. She decided somewhere during the pregnancy that she wanted fun socks to wear during labor. I declared that fun must be ridiculously bright & crazy since, well, you know, babies like bright colors.  So I found the craziest brightest yarn I could and knit some socks to birth in. We still giggle at the idea we could have scared poor Miss Ellie back in for the shock of all that color on her way into the world!

And finally, in the middle toward the right, my favorite color combination ever. You know it. You love it. It’s my Green Bay Packer yarn! I cast on the socks from that skein during my team’s last pre-season game with the goal of having them finished by Kickmas (the happiest holiday of all the year, Kick Off Thursday when my team, as reigning Super Bowl champs, started out the NFL season in the house that Vince built- Lambeau Field). The socks were finished, on my feet for the season opener and every game for the rest of the season. They about walked themselves to the washer on their own after our first (only) loss during the regular season, but they held up great and washed up beautifully. Can’t wait to bust out my lucky socks as an NFL owner this year!


2 responses to “My Knitting Life In Mitered Squares, A Retrospective

  1. Your blanket looks amazing. And there’s a whole lot more Indigodragonfly on it’s way to you right now 🙂

  2. Very fun reading material, and a little prejudiced on my part. Guess because I’m the mommy, I can feel that way!

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