I love the beginning

ImageI’ve long know I am a great starter so it really comes as no surprise that I’d enjoy the beginning of a new project very much.  It’s exciting.  You have this plan in your head and you haven’t yet screwed it up! Or discovered that there’s no way possible to translate the vision to reality. Everything is possible. I think it’s why knitting socks works so well for me- there’s a new beginning every week or two and by the time the project gets less exciting, it’s pretty much finished.  Little time to get bored in there so it works well for my project ADD.

What is interesting to me, is suddenly I’ve discovered the urge to knit sweaters. I learned to sew many moons ago but have never enjoyed sewing clothes. I have no patience for it. I’d rather hand over my money to Kohl’s and buy things someone else has made than be bothered myself to do it.  So knitting a sweater seems like it would be 110% NOT my thing.

Sweaters take weeks of knitting. The come with long stretches of doing exactly the same thing.  They involve almost NO starting something new.  And yet. Here I am.  I suddenly found myself stashed with yarn for 3 summer sweaters (well, 2.75. Turns out it’s really important to read ALL of the yarn requirements before ordering. The skein of lace weight will be here on Monday, though, so then I will have all the yarns) and patterns picked out for each.  I spent a solid week deciding which to cast on. Then I bought a completely different pattern and cast on.

This is only my third sweater. The first, Autumnal, was a cardigan, so really fit was pretty arbitrary. Big and cozy is perfect in any size.  My second, Laneway, was the first fitted sweater I made. And it went pretty well. I learned the importance of doing a gauge swatch in order for things to work out nicely in the end. And it fits quite well.  So I decided I am feeling brave enough to try another fitted sweater.  Elphaba is an entirely new bit of construction for me.

This one’s a top down, raglan sleeve, in the round pattern using fingering weight yarn. It’s the epitome of “me” in knitting- sock weight yarn, knit in the round on circular needles, constructed without any picking up of stitches, really everything I love about a sock in sweater form.  I’m even knitting it using my most favorite yarn ever, Malabrigo Sock.  So it was a joy to cast on last night.  Even though I wasn’t 100% sure I understood quite how the construction ends up working in the end, I decided to trust the 5 star rating and 256 projects on Ravelry and forge ahead.

ImageI read through the directions once. Took a measurement or 2 to determine the correct size. Broke out the highlighter and noted the pattern all the way through so that I am ready to go.  Did the cabled cast on, double checking stitch counts and inserting stitch markers according to the instructions.  Knit a few rows. Studied the pattern some more, kept going even though I couldn’t quite make it all make sense. Read ahead a few rows again. And then it happened. The AH-HA moment I love so much.  The one where everything suddenly clicked and I understood exactly where this was headed.

And now I know why I love starting projects. I love the blind faith it takes at the beginning in order to get to that moment where everything suddenly comes together and I know exactly how it all works in the end.  This is why I knit.


One response to “I love the beginning

  1. Good luck with the new sweater. It’s going to be lovely. And I understand, I have four cardis lined up after I finish Roam.

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