Did I really miss another week?

I swear I keep intending to post more, I really do. But it seems I’ve been too busy cleaning and knitting to have much time for the posting.  And of course, the strangest part, is I really don’t have a lot to show for it.  My new cleaning fairy, she’s got a whole lot of work I could show off, but for me, not so much.  My part in the process was really more picking up and putting things away to make it look vaguely like adults reside in my house.  I’m pretty sure I failed.  Cuz it turns out the cleaning fairy found a whole lot more that needed to be put “away” than I did. Never occurred to me that the Q-Tip box shouldn’t live on the bathroom counter…  I was, apparently wrong.  And I’m ok with it. It’s just a bit of an adventure to discover where “away” is.  Most things have been located in relatively logical places, just not where I’ve ever kept them. But I’ll learn. And it’ll be worth it. Cuz, seriously, I wish I’d have gotten off my butt and found a cleaning fairy years ago. TOTALLY worth the money! Even if clean does smell weird. She comes back on the 16th. I think we can manage to keep up with the clean bit until then.  Wish me luck.

AS for the knitting… Well, as previously mentioned, I’ve been pretty hard down working on my EBI. Progress is slow but steady.  Each little mitered square runs me about a half hour of knitting time.  This means I can do 3-4 squares per night on average.  All in all, this isn’t bad to me, but given the size of the project, it makes the progress feel slow. Considering I never expected it to turn into a full blown project, I am happy to be as far as I am.  Two squares to go and I will officially be at 5 rows done.

My swap box of yarn from Keri over at whendidibecomeaknitter arrived a week or so ago and I’ve been happily adding bits of her socks to my blanket along with my own.  Still hoping to arrange a few more swaps to add interest to my collection, but for now, it looks like I’ll be focusing on other things.  Thursday night saw the beginning of a new project when I cast on a sweater. Happily, it’s being knit with sock weight yarn! And I’m fairly certain I have “over purchased” yardage since running short on a sweater would be a huge issue! So my blank should see the inclusion of some new Malabrigo soon enough.  This makes me happy! And I’m guessing my latest pair of Rivulet socks will offer up a contribution before long as well.  So my ends collection grows, y blanket grows and I am a happy knitter.


One response to “Did I really miss another week?

  1. I love picking out my yarn in your blanket. It’s great fun. And, I have started your next package 🙂

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