Another surprise


As much as I LOVE the beginning, it turns out, I bore quickly.  I suppose this really isn’t a surprise, I’ve long suffered project ADD, so boredom isn’t a revelation, let alone a shocking one.  What surprised me, though, is how quickly I went from screaming excitement to utter doldrums.

Friday morning I had the Ah-Ha moment when I figured out how the strange directions telling me to knit my Elphaba flat for an un-ending number of rows went from utterly absurd to at once brilliant.  Fun!  It’s my favorite knitting moment.  But it turns out, it wasn’t so long after I figured it out, that I just wanted it to be over.  And it just kept going on. And on.  And on.  And ON….  FOREVER.

All in all, it was actually quite a productive weekend of knitting.  I was less than a half dozen rows into the sweater at bedtime on Thursday and by bed time on Sunday I’d joined the front center of the neckline to knit it in the round (FINALLY!).  This is probably an easy 6″ of sweater knit on a weekend we were not home for most of it. I can’t honestly complain. But it feels like I’ve gotten no where… slowly…

The good news- I’m knitting in the round now! No more endless purl rows.  Turns out I am maybe not such a fan of purling.  So Even though the rows are still getting longer, I feel like I’m getting there faster.  Half a dozen more rows and I get to eliminate the sleeve stitches for a while and just knit the body.  This is going to feel like speed knitting I think! Best news of all, it feels like this is going to be a pretty quick knit! I love that about a sweater!


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