Not what I was expecting from my weekend

This was my very happy Friday off week. And it turns out I am a complete sucker when it comes to things I can be conned into doing in order to spend the day with my BFF.  I spent the day helping her paint her living room. Definitely a job better done with 2, a good day with my bestie, but man was that a lot of work! Three colors of paint (ceiling plus 2 wall colors) and many hours of work but we got it done before her zoo got home from school and it wasn’t all together bad since I don’t get a ton of time to spend with her, especially without the kids and Mr.s around.

Yesterday I was on my own while Mr.Me was at artillery school so I went on a tour of unexplored yarn shops.  A couple of weeks ago I stopped in one about an hour from home as an excuse to get inside and warm up for a while and as it turned out, they were celebrating their first anniversary and had lots of raffle prizes to be won.  I ended up winning a Chica gadget bag so I decided I’d start out by picking that up then checking out a couple of other shops that are too horridly out of my way to pop into on a regular basis but since I was already on the other side of the world (relatively speaking of course) and I had the whole day to kill, why not.  Turns out it was a bit of driving hell to get there, both towns had some sort of special event going on in their downtown area making traffic and parking something of a nightmare, but still, I got to see some new shops, feel up some new yarn (and bring some home of course) and generally enjoyed the day.  Mr.Me got home late last night and all was back to normal in the household.

Then we get to today… Started out normally enough. The kittens let us sleep in, not even demanding breakfast at the usual time (must be they’re becoming teenagers now) so when we finally dragged ourselves out of bed, we went to breakfast at the bagel shop and came home to decide what to do on the day.  First order of business was to finish binding off the bottom hem of my Elphaba sweater.  I got most of the way through the BO last night but I just couldn’t stay awake long enough to finish it.  And since sweater knitting is still a rather new art form for me, I sort of didn’t want to finish in case it didn’t fit. I figured I’d sleep more peacefully if I didn’t know until morning!

So I finished the bind off, tried it on and it fits perfectly! I am so excited! Which meant I sat down to start the first sleeve.  All was going swimmingly until I noticed Spike behaving as though he was eating something off the living room floor.  He made me chase him into the bathroom before I could get hold of him to see what he was eating. I managed to wrassle the cat with one hand and open his mouth with another and quickly called Mr.Me over because I was pretty sure he was working on swallowing a pin and I couldn’t manage to keep hold of him, keep his moth open and get the thing out by myself.  By the time Mr.Me got there it was too late, whatever it was I thought he was trying to swallow was gone.

Took about 5 minutes of nervously sitting on the couch for me to decide he was going to the emergency vet for an x-ray.  He was running amok like his usual self but I just couldn’t shake the bad feeling, so we loaded him up and headed to the vet hoping to just waste a couple hundred bucks on an X-ray to make me feel foolishly over protective…

Unfortunately I was not being over protective.  So now I am sitting here anxiously awaiting word from the vet that surgery is successful and my snuggly boy is resting comfortably.  I feel awful.  I haven’t done any sewing in months. This is probably not going to encourage me to start any time soon, either. I know cats like to eat shiny things and it’s not my fault, but darn it, I try to be so careful about leaving things laying around because I know three curious kittens can get up to mischief in no time flat.  I suspect the offending needle came from a little pin cushion I’d forgotten I even have until I moved it the day before the cleaning lady came.  Turns out the kids knocked it over and either the pins & needles fell out of it on impact or they made a fun game of pulling them out. So Spike actually swallowed a needle. Which looks positively HUGE in his tiny tummy…  I am a nervous wreck looking for ways to distract myself while waiting for the phone to ring. And I can bet I won’t sleep worth a hoot tonight cuz I’ll be missing my boy. All for a stupid needle I haven’t had any desire to use in ages. At least if he’d been trying to eat a knitting needle I’d have been able to remove it without $1800+ worth of emergency surgery!

Going to try to knit a sleeve now. I’ll have to update with photos of some knitting and dying experiments later this week. For now, too nervous for my boy!


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