The $1871 Needle

Uber-Needle of Doom

So here it is. The offending needle. Source of much worry, consternation and a day filled with snuggles. I rarely use needles this long so I can’t for the life of me figure out where Spikey dug it up from.  Nor can I figure out why it would have dark thread on it. Best I can come up with is maybe the thread was an attractive nuisance that caught his eye in my sewing room and he brought it up with him. All I know is I am so glad I saw it going in so that we could act quickly in getting my boy to the emergency vet’s to have it removed. Even if it did result in this:


And this:

Cone of Shame

On the up side, there’s been a lot of this:

Snuggles with mom

It’s a knitting hinderance but I’m ok with that

I even played hooky today to keep a close eye on him. I brought stuff home to work on, spent far more time actually working than knitting, and I got me a lot of snuggle time. Tomorrow I can return to the office knowing my boy is on the mend. He’s sleeping lots, eating and drinking some and miserable in his cone of shame. Which is really about all I can expect right now. So things are good. Tomorrow maybe we’ll return to your (ir)regularly scheduled knitting blog.


3 responses to “The $1871 Needle

  1. Well, on the bright side, I’m sure that the surgery for a two legged kid would have been much more expensive than $1871 if they had swallowed a needle. Haley’s 105 fever ER visits have been in that realm. At least they are covered by insurance for the most part.

  2. Oh poor guy. And he even has to wear the cone of shame too boot. Glad he’s feeling better and such and observant mummy.

  3. I’m so glad he’s okay! This makes me very glad that I have a caged kid (parrot) that I can keep a closer eye on.

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