How to ensure the best possible start to your work week

Merino Cashmere Silk sock goodness!

Some lessons are so quietly brilliant we must share them with the world lest others go without the knowledge they impart. This is mine. It’s really very short and simple, three little steps. But these three steps can bring so much happiness that even the crankiest of bosses or Mondayist of Mondays can’t bring you down.  Without further ado, Suzy’s three simple steps to ensuring an awesome start to the work week:

  1. Order delicious yarn via the world wide interwebz.
  2. Ship said yarn to the office.
  3. Await yarn’s arrival on first day of the work week.

Admittedly, step three is the one where there’s the most potential for the plan to go awry. The postal service is unpredictable at best, especially when your package needs to clear customs along the way, but I’ve found brand loyalty can work quite swimmingly in this regard. I know, for example, that if I order from indigodragonfly on a Thursday, there’s a really good chance the yarn will arrive a week later on Saturday or Monday. Either way, I end up with Monday yarn (or, in this instance, Tuesday yarn since Monday was a holiday).  And if I order from Eat.Sleep.Knit on Wednesday or Thursday, the following Monday seems to be the standard arrival day. The moral: pick an online source or two and play around with it. See what their “norm” is. Use this knowledge to get your own Monday Yarn. I promise, it’s worth every penny to walk into your office and see a delightfully squishy package awaiting your arrival!

A previous round of Monday Yarn

And if you don’t succeed at Monday yarn, really, even Tuesday can be perked up dramatically with the arrival of fibery goodness.


2 responses to “How to ensure the best possible start to your work week

  1. Too bad I’m not allowed to receive personal deliveries at work. Otherwise that sounds like a wonderful pick-me-up.

    • Now that’s just cruel! I suppose it would be nearly as effective to have your yarn arrive on your own doorstep for something fun to come home to on a Monday evening… Worth trying anyway!

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