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And The Number of The Counting Shall Be Three

Lately I feel like I’m suffering a bit of knitters cramp.  I have projects on the needles and they are good projects, there is no doubt about that, I’m just not quite sure the project I should be working is the project I WANT to be working on. This is why I’m pretty sure it’s knitter’s cramp, not an all out knitter’s block. The desire is there, I’m just not sure it’s desire for what is OTN.

Simple solution, you say? Cast on something more inspiring! That would fix the issue, right?

Well here’s the thing.  I have actually done a remarkable job (for me, anyway) at keeping my PhD count to a minimum. I was really good at the beginning of my knitting career, I probably went an easy year and a half or two years of no more than one project OTN at a time.  My inner quilter has project ADD and I was determined I was NOT going to carry that affliction into my knitting life. The whole reason I transitioned from Quilter to Knitter was my inability to get things done, so I was going to make darn sure I finished what I started with knitting.  And I have, almost without exception.

But eventually socks got a little monotonous. I love knitting them still and I ALWAYS have a sock OTN, but I decided I wanted to knit more than just socks. So I started bigger projects. First mittens, then a shawl. A scarf or two and eventually, the mother of all projects, the sweater.  Turns out sweaters do not make for good traveling knitting. So the cardinal rule, ONE PhD at a time, was amended. TWO were now allowed.  And two was good. One portable sock type project for travels, lunch breaks, that sort of thing, and one larger project for at home knitting. And all was well.  I’ve maintained a 2 project system for about a year now and its working really well.

But then the inevitable happened. Two no longer quite satisfied all my knitting itches. Three.  Three would be the perfect number of PhDs.  Three is solid. There’s a certain symmetry to three, I think.  One portable project, one at home project and one mindless/drunk/take a break from thinking knitting kind of project, something that doesn’t have any sort of deadline, no particular finish line other than my own declaring it finished. Yep. This is perfect. I am good with three.

So here I sit. Sock on the go, sweater for home and the Epic Blanket of Insanity to fill in the gaps, the perfect three. Well except for the sweater that I should be knitting but am, for some reason, cramping on.  I’m not entirely sure why, either. It’s going relatively well.  I’m only a few inches from finishing the body, then just a couple of sleeves to knit. There’s nothing what so ever challenging about the project which is fine by me. But I am having the worst time getting myself to work on it.  The list of Giftmas knitting is rattling around in my head, several projects already determined and yarn in hand. I could start those.. But not until the sweater is OTN.  There are 3 or 4 other sweaters in my knitting queue ready for knitting anytime, I could start one of those if I could just finish the stupid Lambton sweater (Note, the stupid part is nothing at all to do with the sweater. It really is lovely. Its all on the knitter). Because, you see, Three shall be the number of the counting and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count.

So what do I do? How do I uncramp and make myself want to finish my sweater? I’ve tried taking an EBI break. I finished the 6th row and got a start on the 7th over the weekend.  I’ve considered finishing my second (sixth) Flutter-By sock at home rather than just during on the go time. I’ve even tried spinning…  Nothing’s working. I honestly don’t want to cast on something new, but I don’t want to work on the sweater. This is not good! How do I make it go away? What do you do when your inner knitter gets a cramp?