Knit Ahead Season

It turns out I am a year-round knitter.  I don’t really change my habits any from summer to fall to winter to spring. I knit. Pretty much every day. And anywhere I can manage it. I knit while watching TV at home. I knit in the kitchen at work over my lunch. I knit in the car if Mr.Me is driving. I knit in restaurants while waiting for my food (though not ALL restaurants, mostly just breakfast or lunch places, not sit down dinner places, but there are exceptions).

I also knit whatever the mood strikes me to knit.  I am relatively new to knitting all the things. Until last winter I was pretty exclusive to sock knitting with a possible break for a hat or mittens. Since then, however, I’ve knit a few sweaters, several scarves, a shawl, more hats and mittens and, of course, socks. Oh. I’ve started the Epic Blanket of Insanity as well.  And while I expect there will come a point in the next few months where I don’t want to have the blanket on my lap I think it will be more a matter of the CONCEPT of working on a blanket than actually finding it uncomfortable to knit due to the heat.

Part of this, I expect, is because Mr.Me is an indoor weather man. There are many other projects around the house that he won’t get to because he’s done them all day and doesn’t want to deal with them when he gets home, but my furnace and air conditioner always work. ALWAYS. And he likes to be comfortable. We average right around 70 year round. I love my Carrier man! And only one of the reasons is because he keeps it comfortable for me to knit whatever I want to knit whenever I want to knit it.

All this, mind you, does not equate a desire to actually WEAR all the knitted things from, say, mid-May through early October.  I might wear some, especially my recent string of summer sweaters, but many others will cast on, knit to completion, blocked and tucked away in the closet for weeks or months never to see the light of day.  And as much as I LOVE to finish a project and wear it to work the next Tuesday or Friday (always a Tuesday or a Friday. The one person I work with who understands the excitement of a finished object is only there those two days. New knits must be debuted when someone will appropriately oooh and aaaah them), it turns out knit ahead season is one of my favorite times of year. It’s great fun to see how much I can get on and off the needles.  And it makes the end of flip flop season a whole lot more tolerable when I have a fresh collection of socks to show off to the world. Plus I get to look back at all the fun things I did while knitting my new woolies.  That shawl- oh, I finished that at such and such reenactment.  Those socks. Oh yeah, I worked on those at EAA. Its a fun way to recap my summer during the long, dreary days of winter.

As I finished a sock standing on the flight line at a local air show Sunday I realized that it is, officially, Knit Ahead Season! I am one pair in.


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