An Air Show and A Big Girl Camera

It turns out these two things make for really good bedfellows.  It was at EAA‘s Airventure last year where I decided I was sick of my point and shoot camera and wanted to upgrade to a DSLR.  I was tired of missing pictures because the lag time between pushing the button and the shutter actually firing was so ungodly long.   I hated that even the best zoom setting on my point & shoot couldn’t do justice to the things I could see with my naked eye. As frustrating as it was at the airshow it was ten times that annoying reenacting.  In a dozen years of events, I’d never managed to catch the muzzle flash in a picture. NEVER. So this needed to change.

I had every intention of doing this “right”. Do the research, read the reviews, shop several local retailers for price comparisons. The next day I brought home my Nikon D5100.  Yep. That’s how I roll.  I really have no reason to care one way or another if I have a Cannon, a Nikon, a Sony, whatever. I made the decision because I got the best set of features I thought I wanted bundled with a better lens set for the money Costco was selling it for, hence Nikon over the comparable Cannon T3-i.  Its funny how camera people will ask what you’re shooting with and smile or cringe based on the brand you name. I am, quite honestly, lucky if I can just spit out Nikon D5100 without stumbling.

The short story long, I LOVE my big girl camera.  The learning curve in going from a POS to a DSLR is huge. Its the difference between walking uphill to school and climbing Mt. Everest.  Sure, you can chose an automatic setting and hope for the best and you’ll get decent photos, but the thing is, once you’ve spent a thousand dollars on a camera, you want better than decent.  So I’ve read a bunch of magazines. I’ve surfed a lot of internet. And I’ve taken a LOT of pictures. Seriously. A lot.  I bought an external hard drive to transfer them to today because I realized I’ve only uploaded SOME of the pictures I’ve taken in the last 10 months to my new laptop- the one I got in November. And I already have over 2,000 photos and 18G of memory sucked up with pictures. And I’m hopelessly behind on uploading them to Photobucket. *Note to Self: Self, Work on that* And that was BEFORE we went to an airshow on Sunday and I added another 600 pictures to the mix. Could be I go a little nuts with the shutter these days.

But here’s the thing. The more I learn, the more I want to play. If I change the shutter speed, what happens to the aperture?  If I go for a shorter focal length, how much detail can I pick up? If I pop the zoom on, how much detail can I pick up that I can’t see from where I’m standing? Oh my word this is AWESOME! It was my first air show since I got the camera. And in that afternoon, every penny I spent became 100% worth it! I LOVE my camera. I think I’ll become a Nikon snob to celebrate it’s awesomeness. And since it would be rude of me to NOT share the photo love here you are. A few of my favorites from the 600+ I took

I love me a bi-plane! Rotary engines are so much fun!

One Half of Team Areoshell

I think Mr.Me took this one.But I still love it. You can READ the writing on the wings! And see the puffs of smoke. LOVE

An L-39, member of The Hoppers

P-38 Lightening. The props were moving when I took the photo. I love a fast shutter!

The Hoppers in formation

The P-38 shortly after take off. Few of these pieces of aviation history survive today. Fewer still are flying. This was a treat!

T-33 Sporting an USAF Thunderbirds paint job

I love that in my world this is a good day. In many places it’s as ominous as the sky looks behind the F-16

F-16 in flight

Setting up for the Heritage Flight

The P-38 and F-16 doing a Heritage Flight

F/A-18. These make me positively weak in the knees


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