How did you spend WWKIP day?

Saturday, June 9th, has been designated World Wide Knit In Public day.  I’m not sure which powers that be made the designation, nor do I care, honestly, I rather enjoy the fact that someone has chosen to celebrate this lovely thing called knitting in public and encouraged others to join in. For at least one day per year, I am not the only weird girl with the knitting in the public places!

As I’ve mentioned a number of times before, I am most definitely a public knitting kind of gal.  Knitting staves off boredom, helps keep me focused in situations where my mind might otherwise be inclined to wander (lets face it, we can’t really be sure it’s mature enough to be trusted out on its own, can we?) and allows me to get a huge lot of knitting done in otherwise wasted moments.  Last weekend I knit half a sock between acts at an airshow.  This weekend it was probably a quarter of a sock waiting for my food to arrive at the Cracker Barrel.  For real, that’s a LOT of knitting!

So it’s probably pretty comical that, while a lot of knitting was done, little of it was done in a public setting. Like I said, I worked on my sock while waiting for my food, but that was about it. I actually spent most of WWKIP day spinning myself nearly lame.  We had an event. Just a small living history display,  but supporting one of my new favorite places, the Kenosha Civil War Museum.  I can’t say it with any certainty, but I’d suspect we have a rare treasure in this facility- since there wasn’t a huge lot of Civil War action seen in Wisconsin, it seems unusual to have a facility dedicated to it, but I love that we have it and that it’s close to home. Even more, I love that we (Cushing’s Battery) are invited to participate in their events. Its a great resource and a great place to talk to people interested in this important part of our history. And for me, a great excuse to show off George and all he can do.

So I spun. about 1000 yards of single ply Shetland on Saturday, and 750 yards of finished 3 ply yarn on Sunday. I talked a lot about knitting. I showed off the hand knit socks I was wearing. I speculated on what I might do with this lovely pile of yarn I was creating. I did knit half a row of a sock to show a family what the next step would be after the spinning. I got through most of the foot of my latest Flutterby sock. And that was the sum total of my WWKIP day knitting.

Wanna bet I spend most of World Wide Spin In Public day knitting?


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