Where does the time go?

I swear, I went into the last 2 weeks with great plans to for blog posts, 3 or 4 a week at least. They were mostly written (in my head of course) and going to be awesome. And not a one of them ever made it out of my brain and onto the page. Could be that it’s been a busy couple weeks between work, reenacting and life, could be the insane heat actually melting my cerebral cortex, could be I’ve been too busy knitting, spinning and reading (yes, while knitting or spinning) to spend time on the computer, could be I’m just lazy. I dunno. I guess it just is what it is. But rather than neglect my little corner of the internet another day, I thought I’d go ahead with a quick update of what I’ve been working on amid the crazy that is my summer life…

Knitting.  There has been a lot of knitting.  This really should surprise no one, I’m pretty much ALWAYS knitting. I raised more than one eyebrow last weekend during the reenactment we participated in when I wandered through the food line with my needles & yarn stuffed unceremoniously into my apron bib. Even better when I’d finished eating and was actually working on my shawl at the table.  No pictures yet, but that particular project is Age of Brass And Steel (Ravelry Link).  I got the first 4 sections done in relatively short order.

Lambton, body complete

At home, all focus was on finishing my Lambton. I fell in love with this sweater from the first edition of Jane Austen Knits from last fall.  It’s probably an odd choice for me, very soft & feminine, ruffled, etc. Lots of fuss that I’m not usually all about, but I had to knit it. So I did. Using Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport and a bit of Shepherd Sock in “The Bean”.  It felt like it was never going to end for a while.  I think for a long time I was convinced it was either not going to fit (a common theme when I’m knitting sweaters it turns out) or I was going to hate everything about it.  And for a while, I actually did.  I was so underwhelmed when I tried the sweater on after the body was finished it made it hard to continue. But then I got the first sleeve in and tried it on again. And I was pretty sure I was in love. So I set about sleeve #2. I was rudely interrupted by the reenacting thing so it took a bit longer than I’d have liked, but Tuesday night she fell off the needles. Still needs blocking and a final photo shoot, but I am happy.

Flutter-Bies 3.0

Then of course is the traveling sock.  This is my third pair of Flutter-by socks since the start of the year. I can’t tell you what it is about this pattern that makes me keep coming back to it but here I am. LOVE it. It’s such an easy pattern and knits up quick.  Plus it’s uber fun for hand painted yarn, of which I am extremely well supplied. So something tells me pair #3 will NOT be the last. This one might even be finished before bedtime tonight. That’ll put me at +2 for this knit ahead season.

It’ll also leave me with naked needles. And I haven’t figured out how I’m going to resolve that issue.  If the sock is finished tonight, I’ll likely work on my EBI waiting for divine inspiration.  I’ve also signed up for the upcoming Stephen West Shawl knit along. If I get around to selecting colors, I might ACUTALLY KAL with the KAL. Or not. I’m not sure yet.


547 yards of lace weight Shetland. Overachieved again. I was going for Fingering weight

Then there’s the spinning.  I’ve been doing quite a lot of spinning just lately.  This year I decided to participate in Ravelry’s Tour de Fleece. The basic concept is to spin every day the riders are pedaling during the Tour de France. For many they take it as a true challenge to destash, spin epic amounts of fiber into lovely yarn, etc. For me it’s just an excuse to play a little with Millie and George. My goal is to spend a minimum 30 minutes at one or the other of my wheels during the run of the race. So far I’ve done a minimum one hour. I will get a whole lot of spinning time in again this weekend as we have an event in Wauconda and since it’ll be too hot to cook, I will coat my hands in baby powder, bring plenty of oil for George and see what I can spin in the course of 2 days. Still haven’t decided what fiber to bring. I think the last 2 events worth of spinning plain white Shetland has me deciding enough of the plain white so I have to hit the stash tonight and decide what to bring instead.  I suspect most of the weekend will have me camped out under the fly by myself so I need something to keep it interesting.

Blue Merino 3 ply fingering

Then there’s the reading. True confession moment- I lost a week and a half of social interaction to Fifty Shades of Gray. Might have taken me 2 weeks to get through the 3 books I suppose, but either way, my inner girl got sucked in like rarely happens with books anymore. They’re horribly written, entirely unfathomable on the believability scale and in every way, appealed to my inner girl’s love of a sappy romance tale.  All be it a sappy romance with a good bit of kinky trash thrown in…  You see, I am easily influenced by popular culture. If a book becomes a phenomenon, there’s a good chance I’ll dive in to see what all the hype is about. It’s why I have read all of Harry Potter (many MANY times). It’s why I’ve read the Twilight series (what the hell, I’ll even admit to reading it twice…  Inner girl. Damn her). It’s why I’ve read The Hunger Games. It’s why I read A Million Little Pieces. If a book is going to kick up a storm of either mass consumption or controversy, I’ma grab me a copy and see what all the hype is about. And this series got me. Couldn’t tear myself away no matter how much I may (or may not) have wanted to at times. As I said, it’s not well written. For the weak of heart in the “kink” department, you probably want to steer clear. Think of it as Twilight for Grown Ups. But if you like to get lost in a story and take a break from reality, I give it a thumbs up.


2 responses to “Where does the time go?

  1. I’ve heard both good and bad reviews on 50 Shades of Grey, and I’m not sure if i should get it.

    • I guess it depends on what you want from your read. Stylistically it’s awful. The language is redundant to the point of annoying and overall you can tell there were issues with the “language barrier”- a Brit writing American characters without a solid grasp of American vs British slang makes for a few interesting fails. I enjoyed the psychological aspect of the story, especially in the first book. Ana was entirely predictable and at times annoying, but Christian’s character was strong enough to carry the story. The erotica struck me as overdone. I think it was a win for the author in that it created such a buzz that millions who aren’t typical connoisseurs of the genre tuned in to check it out (me included). If that was what I was after in the read, I don’t think I’d have gotten past the first book. But the story got me. I had to know how the story would end. And luckily, it’s quick, less than 2 weeks for all three books for me and there were a couple of days where I really had no time to read. So if you’re up for a different twist on the classic good girl falls for bad boy romance, go for it. If you’re easily offended or want true erotica, you will be disappointed. It won’t take more than the Amazon Kindle sample to decide if you want to keep going or not and you can try that for free!

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