F/O Friday

This week has, apparently, been all about trying new things, at least where my blog is concerned.  It started with joining the Year Of Projects blog-a-long on Ravelry that you read about earlier in the week and now I’ve decided to participate in Finished Object Fridays.  I don’t know if this one will stick as a permanent addition, but I thought it might be fun to try.  And I have a couple of recently finished objects to show off. Good combo, don’t you think?

So here goes, my first FO Friday update…

First, my most recent pair o’ socks- Flutterbies– the Sequel’s Sequel.  I’ve mentioned before how captivated I am with this pattern for reasons even I don’t understand. I’ve knit it three times THIS YEAR.  I rarely repeat sock patterns period, let alone three times in 6 months, but what can you do, right? I just keep knitting them when the yarn speaks to me.  So here is my version in a Claudia Handpaints colorway involving lemon in the colorway name I can’t otherwise remember

Flutterbies Three

The rest of my knit finishing remains unphotographed, even with the crappy cell phone camera. I have a shawl & a sweater to block this weekend. So I will try to save those for FO Friday next week.  In the mean time, how about some finished yarns.  I have been spinning up a storm between reenacting and the Tour de Fleece  so the finished yarn has been all but leaping off my bobbins.  I have no idea how I’m going to manage to knit to keep pace with the spinning and the buying, but really, this is a first world problem I don’t mind having!

Wauconda Mystery Yarn

Wauconda Mystery Yarn

I’m going with Mystery Yarn here because, aside from “Fine Wool”, there was nothing telling me what particular sheep donated his or her locks for this bit of loveliness.  It is dreamily soft and smooshy.  It was a labeled as “one of a kind” dyed wool. Mostly a lovely dove gray with some almost lilac highlights. Even with the redonkulous heat and humidity causing a good number of drafting problems, I managed around 450 yards of a nice 2 ply from 4oz of fiber. I’m thinking shawl.

Apparently 2 is all the FOs I have pictures of. Still, for a weeks time, the fact that I have pictures of 2 and 2 more to promise once blocked, I’m happy with the progress. I have a bit more time to just sit and be for the next few weeks so hopefully there will be even more progress by next week! Wish me luck!

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10 responses to “F/O Friday

  1. Gorgeous socks! Congratulations!

  2. I love the flutter-byes. So fast. I have another pair slotted to be on the needles as soon as I finish a few other things up.
    BTW – just added a stunning purple to your next swap package. It’s left overs from my Bff’s Colour Affection and it knits up beautifully.

  3. I really like your socks. The color is so pretty and perfect for the pattern

    • Thanks! I think this might be my favorite yarn to pattern combo of the three cuz there’s just so much going on with the colors!

  4. I hope you carry on with both FO Friday and Year of Projects they are both such fun to participate in and I have seen so many inspirational projects and get to read many different blogs, weekly and some daily.

    I love your socks. I am very jealous of you participating in Tour de Fleece, I attempted to raise the subject of my spinning fibre and Hubby and my 2 boys said they would have to move out the house as there is just not enough space!! So I will have to watch with much jealousy and envy

    • I’ll do my part to spin enough for the both of us! It’s still a new hobby for me but I’m in love and growing a roving collection just about as quickly as my yarn stash!

  5. Pretty socks, I love the spring like colours.

    • Thank you! I have to admit, the colors aren’t my comfort zone but this is what I love about socks- I will knit and wear them in pretty much any color whether I have something to match or not!

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