F/O Friday #2

First, may we take a moment to celebrate the fact that it’s Friday?  And not just any old Friday, my Friday off.  Ahhh….  It was a crazy busy week with lots of challenges and a few mishaps so getting to Friday feels extra satisfying  this week. What’s more, although we have an event this weekend (Old Falls Village in Menomonee Falls for the locals) and we will pitch a tent for the weekend, we won’t actually be staying in it.  Home (which is really to say air conditioning and our sleep number bed) is barely 30 minutes away which is way too close to suffer through the ungodly heat  bother someone with taking care of the cats, plus Saturday is Fish Day in Port Washington so we want to come home for the fireworks Saturday night. The point- I have a Friday off and noting of real consequence that needs doing.   I need to hit the grocery store in preparation for next week, but otherwise I have exciting plans like knitting, a little spinning and, in all likelihood, a nap. Best.Friday.EVER

Now, on to the point of today’s post- Finished Objects! I will admit that what I have to share this week isn’t objects finished this week, but it’s objects previously unreported so it still counts!

First, my super stretch rainbow ball sack! Gotta tell you, saying ball sack still hasn’t gotten old. I am definitely still 12.

Super Stretchy Rainbow Ball Sack

Overall I’m happy with my ball sack.  It is by far stretchier than I would have imagined. In the photo, its being modeled by a full skein of Malabrigo Worsted so larger than an average skein of sock yarn for sure and I had no problems stretching the ball sack around the ball. The only failure here is length.  Due mostly to overconfidence in the size of my skein of yarn, I was one repeat shy of where I really wanted to end the ball sack.  It still appears to be performing admirably, though.  I’ve been dragging my Clapotis around in my knitting bag all week and the skein is actually behaving very nicely whilst contained in its ball sack.  Turns out I am going to need to knit a couple more of these.  Added bonus, I can continue to talk about my ball sacks and snerk!

Next up. my Age of Brass & Steam.


As noted on Tuesday, I took advantage of the weather last weekend and did the blocking outside.  It’s probably not encouraging that the grass is about the same color as my shawlette, is it?  But at any rate, blocking was made much easier on this with the recent acquisition of blocking wires. Definitely sped the process up. The sun, of course, made it a challenge. It was tricky to get everything laid out the way I wanted before it was bone dry in the sun!  But I did it.

Doesn’t George make a cute little model?

This was a very very quick project.  It took me 2 weekend events of limited knitting time to finish it. Still not entirely convinced I love knitting shawls, but I seem to like the finished product that is the shawl in the end (especially since discovering how to wear them more as scarves!) so I keep knitting them.  The real fun of this one is that it’s the first project I’ve made for myself using my own yarn.  An up-close examination will show that the yarn still lacks consistency, but it’s a pretty early entry into the stash from when I started spinning so I am totally happy with how consistent it is.  The wool is Polwarth which is wonderfully soft and drappy in the finished product. Can’t wait to model it myself. Or wait, that would mean the season of doom is upon us. While I’m not really loving the heat this summer, I am definitely NOT ready for the season of doom just yet, either.  So I think this means I can officially add the Age of Brass & Steam to my tally of “knit ahead season” finished products bringing my total so far to 3- 2 pair of socks, one shawl.

Final finished object for the week is technically not QUITE finished yet- still needs a good washing & thwacking, but it’s 900+ yards of sport weight I finished spinning as part of my Tour de Fleece.

Finished the singles Monday, did nothing Tuesday since it was a rest day, plied it Wednesday and skeined it Thursday.  I am very happy with the result as it’s the first time I took a bump of fiber, decided in my mind what I was hoping to end with and actually met that goal! Now for the fun part- deciding what it wants to become. The bad news, there’s a good chance this means growth on my YOP List. Which hasn’t shrunk yet. Yikes.

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8 responses to “F/O Friday #2

  1. Oh the yarn is gorgeous! And ball sack, yup *giggle* but great idea and added the patten to my library…and Age of Brass and Steam is gorgeous! That’s been in my queue for awhile!

  2. Oh that shawl is gorgeous! I’m sorry to report that our grass is about the same colour too. On the other hand my daylilies are blooming like gang-busters, so maybe I should tear up the grass and plant flowers instead?

    You know I never really understood what a ball sack was for until your post today. Now I get it!

  3. The shawl looks great. It is such a lovely easy knit.

  4. Enjoy your day off 🙂 I don’t blame you for being 12, ball sack makes me 12 too!

    Your Age Of Brass & Steam looks great too, I’ve been wanting to make it for some time so I’m very glad to hear it only took you so little time!

  5. I love your shawl, that one is in my queue, might have to bump it up.

  6. You and your ball sack love would fit right in with my friends! I think teaching middle school has made our humor regress. 😉

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