In which I continue to be a joiner

So it turns out I’m having a lot of fun following the hive lately. First it was YOP, then F/O Friday, now I’m going to toss my hat into the ring for WIP Wednesday. While I prefer “Projects Half Done” (PhDs) to “Works In Progress” (WIPs) as a general rule PhD Wednesday just doesn’t flow as well and since someone has already gone to the effort of setting up the better sounding spot, I’ma just go with it.

On the knitting front, I’ve got 3 projects on the needles right now. In a strange twist of events, it’s the sock that’s become my at home project and the scarf is the traveler. This might be a problem soon as I’m a little past the half way point on the scarf and it’s about to explode out of my knitting bag. Being anti-purse as a general rule, the bag is entirely larger than I am comfortable with to begin with so going to a bigger knitting bag is not an option so I’m really not sure what I’m going to do if Clapotis the Sequel gets bigger than the bag. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it, I guess.

As with Clapotis the First, I can’t honestly say I enjoy knitting this one. But I LOVE beyond love the finished scarf. So I trudge along. Never being one to take the easy route, I’ve added extra “fun” to the knitting on this one with my yarn choice- Malabrigo Merino Worsted . Malabrigo is at the top of my Love list for yarn. So soft and squishy, knits up beautifully, gorgeous colorways. Yep. I love it. But the Worsted is really REALLY grabby and a tiny bit splitty. These do not a good combination make when one has to drop full rows of stitches. But, as with everything Malabrigo, the finished product is such a little cloud of heaven I can survive anything in the knitting to know I can wrap myself in the finished scarf on a cold day in upcoming season of doom and be happy. Well, as happy as one can be during the season of doom.

We had an event last weekend so I needed a project to take along for that.  None of what I had OTN worked so I cast on one of my YoP projects, Athena, using a skein of Malabrigo Sock.  One false start (learning new stitches plus reading a flat knit chart and realizing I’m coin’ it wrong causing the whole thing to be frogged and started over) and several inches of scarf knit told me it wasn’t working.  Not sure I love the pattern and I definitely didn’t love it with this particular yarn so I frogged again.  Since I couldn’t really pull out my phone and find something new,and the only yarn and needles I had along were the Mal Sock and a set of Lantern Moon straights in a 7, I opted to cast on a Boneyard shawl. I’d read the details enough to punt my way through the first several rows until I could check the real thing and decided I was close enough to continue as is. This is now becoming my take to work project (see note above re: CtS fitting in my knitting bag). By Friday it’ll be abandoned for a couple weeks while I dive into my Ravellenics projects but it’s an easy enough pattern to stop and start so all will be well I think.

Then there’s the sock. Argyles for Dad. An Orgy of Greed Production. These are my at home project because of the sheer volume of tangled yarn required to knit them. You know how I mentioned above that I’m not one to take the easy route? Yeah. For real. I am not a smart knitter sometimes. Leave it to me to decide to learn intartia using teeny little 9″ circular needles in a size 1 with fingering weight yarn. In the round. That I only knit on at night. When I’m tired from a long day at work. In black.

So not a smart knitter. But I also HATE to be defeated by a project or technique I want to try. So with yesterday being a rest day in the Tour de Fleece/France, I decided I was going to kick this sock’s arse. Or at least decide if I can see the project through to the end or raise the white flag and call it a day.

I’ma kick this sock’s scrawny little butt. And it’s mate’s, too.


9 responses to “In which I continue to be a joiner

  1. I love the look of argyle but I’ve always suspected I wouldn’t have the patience for all that intarsia. I will follow your socks with baited breath, and if you don’t stab anyone by the time you’re done I might have to follow suit. 😉

    • This is where it’s probably smart to be using 9″ circs for the sock. Stabbing someone would really be more effort than it’s worth I think. And it’s not complicated, really, just putzy. And I’m not sure I’m really in the mood for putzy, but I refuse to let the sock beat me…

  2. You rocked the sock!! It looks amazing. Can’t wait to see all your other projects progress

    • Thanks! I’ve gotten a bit farther than I was when I took the picture and it’s looking good, just not sure I want to make more than the 2 it takes to have a pair!

  3. Lovely to see you in Year of Projects. I love your blog header and PhDs…. Sock looks amazing. Doing a complicated dark sock in the dark is the sign of a true professional around here…

  4. I love following your progress on Dad’s socks…the 1st time I read your description of them (being exhaused, knitting in darkness, black, tiny….), My 1st thought was “deranged” I think of them as your “deranged dad socks!” ..and please, that is just my warped bit of humour…no offense to you, dad, or the socks!…and since I have a Phd..I’m adding your abbreviation to the long list…my long time favorite being “Permanent head damage..!”

    • Offense? Oh heck no. I am totally stealing that for the socks’ official name! That’s spectacular!

      Permanent Head Damage is great, too. Piled Higher and Deeper is another I remember from years ago

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