I do NOT have a problem…

It all started innocently enough.  We were enjoying another night’s Top Gear marathon on BBC America.  This is a fairly common occurrence in my house. Turns out, even though I’ve never been much of a car girl, really so long as it gets me from point A to point B I’m happy, I absolutely LOVE the show.  There’s something about the silly antics of three grown men being giddy about cars that just works. There’s a reason this is the most popular television program in the world. But I digress…

During this particular evening, they advertised an upcoming special feature- “Going For Gold”.  This caught my eye for two reasons- First, Matt Smith as the lead character. For those in the know, you know who Matt Smith is- the current Doctor.  For those who aren’t in the know, go to Netfix (or the streaming service of your choice) and watch Doctor Who NOW. Really. Stop reading, go watch it. All six seasons. Cuz it’s cool.

Second- it’s the story of a rower in the ’48 Olympics.  Not that I much care for old British athletes and the story of their moments of glory, blah blah blah. It’s the Olympics part of the story.  I have for years completely geeked for 17 days every other year. I LOVE the Olympics. I am about as un-athletic as they come so it’s not so much a dream of participating myself as I just enjoy the pomp and circumstance, the camaraderie, the competition…  Everything (well not everything. Some events are just plain boring no matter what the circumstance) about it makes me happy.  And since the games kick off TOMORROW!, I’m all about anything that gets me in the mood.  So I set the DVR to record “Going for Gold” and settled in last night to watch.

The story was interesting enough.  The acting, well, it was amusing to see Matt Smith without the bow tie and occasional fez.  It got me a little more excited for tomorrow’s opening games. But what really really caught my attention was the knit wear. Oh my.  Friends, I am, officially, THAT girl now.  I watch a movie or a TV show and my eye is drawn to the hat on the hot guy’s head or the sweater the love interest is wearing. I’m not even sure I care about the story anymore if there’s good knits to oggle.  I’m pretty sure this is how the term knitting porn came to be. I cannot tear my eyes away from the knits anymore.

The first one I couldn’t stop oggling was this hat. Sure, maybe it’s nothing special, just some cables and ribs, but Oh my. I just love the placement of these simple features. I’m already trying to figure out how to replicate the pattern. I have hats on my Orgy of Greed knitting list. Maybe Mr.Me or James need a smart little cable & ribbed beanie.  I must figure out how to knit this hat.

Then there were the sweaters jumpers. Oh how I wish I could track down pictures of the lovely Fair Isle jumper the love interest was wearing. Nothing necessarily complicated or jaw dropping, but I couldn’t turn away.  It made me want to knit a 40’s era Fair Isle jumper (yes, I’ve been watching a lot of BBC lately, why do you ask?) to call my very own. It was just… Classic.

And that wasn’t the only sweater jumper that caught my eye.  If it was knit and I happened to look up from my own knitting to catch it, I want to create it. And I’m noticing this more and more with everything I watch lately. Last Friday, while sitting on the couch knitting the hell out of my Clapotis (the Sequel. Finished and ready to show off tomorrow, thank you very much) I watched a random movie on Amazon Prime. I know it starred Ryan Gossling and I drooled the whole way through over the spectacular sweaters he was wearing. I had to go to the google machine to remember the name of it. “All Good Things”. Seriously, if you like to stare at the knits, watch it. Otherwise, Meh.

So there you have it. I’ve become that girl. I can’t tear my eyes away from the knitwear anymore. I’ve caught myself doing this to the girls at work. Actually needed to explain myself- I’m not staring at your boobs, honest, its your sweater. (Now that I’ve said porn and boobs in the same post, do you ‘spose I’ma get more hits today? TEEHEE. Aren’t they going to be suprised). I refuse to believe that this is a sign of any sort of problem or sickness. It’s not. I don’t have a problem. And I’m no quitter. I’m going to keep staring at your knits and continuing happily about my adventures with sticks and string. If you don’t like it, tough. Cuz I don’t have a problem and you’re not going to change me. So there.

(Images from “Going for Gold were shamelessly pilfered from the Google Machine. They link back to the original sources)

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