F/O Friday #3


It’s that time again and really, all I can say this time is THANK GOD!  I know, it’s way overused and all, but some Fridays just seem like the most welcome thing since air conditioning (it’s been “stupid hot” here lately.  Officially declared so by Mr.Me. And I can’t argue with him. Stupid Hot. Definitely).  The reenacting schedule this summer has been relatively light, for which I’m quite grateful, especially with the heat.  98 in the shade while wearing a lot of clothes takes a lot out of a girl and I’m finding it much harder to recover than usual.  Plus it seems I’m brewing up a summer cold so I am feeling far less than 100% these days. Friday is a welcome sight! Doesn’t hurt that tonight kicks off the Summer Olympics and a whole lot of knitting brought to you by the Ravellenic Games, either! So,  before I abandon all projects currently on the needles in order to tackle my 5 “Event” projects for the games, a quick post on the one thing that got finished this week seems in order, don’t you think?

I really can’t hype the week as a great bit of productivity, especially in terms of actual finishing, but I did get Clapotis the Sequel off my needles.  Technically, it’s not quite done, there is still the blocking, but since the Season of Doom is still a good way off, I’m in no rush.  The ends are woven in, the dropped stitches are all dropped and this delicious bit of soft, squooshy loveliness is ready for cozying into when the time comes.

And the best part- it freed up my Size 7 Sharps tips for Ravellenic’s knitting.  This is a very important thing.  Having transferred my Boneyard from the wooden straights I started it on to my size 7Hiya Hiya blunties I was reminded of just how much I prefer the sharps.  I would be miserable working up my scarf & hat projects on the blunts. REALLY miserable.

For more Finished Object Friday posts, click the logo above to be whisked off to Tami’s blog and lots more fiber fun!


4 responses to “F/O Friday #3

  1. Pretty. Can’t wait for tonight although I have to secretly admit I’m not sure my eyes will stay open long enough for me to cast on.

    • The casting on will happen. Its the marathon knitting I’ve convinced myself is going to occur that will likely not live up to the hype!

  2. Oh yes, blunts are no good! I’m doing Clapotis for my Ravellenics project from Silk Mawatas, and – although I haven’t swatched – I am thinking that my Addi lace needles are the way to go. Sharp-sharps!

    Good luck with the competition!

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