In which my project list goes bozanga

Bozanga- it’s my new word. Think of it like “kaching” when speaking of cash registers. It’s the sound my projects list makes when I am suddenly hit with inspiration to increase it by epic proportions.

This is probably not a sound I should embrace, given the already monumental size of my list. This is not good. I really genuinely want to knit all the things on my list in a reasonable amount of time. But every time I turn a corner, something threatens to make the list go bozanga and the likelihood of doing any more than scratching the surface of the list diminishes. Lucky for me, I’m still suffering the classic knitters delusion where the knitting of all the things is not only possible, it’s a virtual lock and I will surely need to ADD projects to the list, not carry the unloved ones over to another year. I expect to come crashing back to earth sometime mid-Ravellenic Games when I realize I can’t even finish the projects on deck for that 17 day stretch.

So anyway, what, you ask, has made my list go bozanga? Well, it goes a little like this. One of my best friends from college is an Army wife. She amazes me. The strength she demonstrates in her ability to manage the house and children while her husband is deployed inspires me. And her hubby’s sacrifice? Putting his ass on the line so mine can sit comfortably on the couch with my knitting…  I cannot express my gratitude sufficiently.  This goes for everyone wearing a uniform whether I know him or her personally or not, but when I know you personally, even through the brief encounters we’ve shared over the last 13 years, it makes me feel like I need to do something more than just think about how much I appreciate you.

Said friend sent out her first “Deployment Update” email earlier this week. Originally everyone thought there’d be a couple more weeks before he shipped out from his new base to the place where the bad thing potential increases monumentally so the update was earlier than expected.  In the update, it was reported that he’s someplace in Afghanistan where the elevation is higher than Denver and  it gets as stupid cold as we’ve dealt with stupid hot this summer. It took something slightly less than a tenth of a nanosecond for my inner knitter to realize I can do something for stupid cold. And- BOZANGA.  I suspect any yarnheads reading this understand exactly where we’re going with this.

So here I sit, on day 2 of the Rav Games suddenly wishing the hat I’m slated to cast on wasn’t already designated an Orgy of Greed project.  That the scarf I cast on last night wasn’t it’s mate. Because suddenly I feel like there is something much bigger than my Giftmas list I should be doing. But for as long as I’ve been excited about my event projects, I need to see them through first. Then let the casting on begin. Hats and scarves I think. For troops who deserve so much more than the knitted hug I can offer. It really is the least I can do.


One response to “In which my project list goes bozanga

  1. I like your new word. I might have to start using it. Bozanga!

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