YOP Update 7/29/12

It’s that time again! Sunday- or Year of Projects update day.  It’s been an interesting week where my list is concerned.  One done, progress on 2 PhDs and a couple of cast ons. Not bad, right? The trick though, like I explained yesterday, is a sudden and overwhelming desire to abandon the list and knit hats to send places where it’s stupid cold for people I’ve not met but feel very grateful to.  Who knows where this will lead. At least, if the list is partially abandoned, I can say it’s for a worthy cause, right? So without further ado, the update for this week:

Socks (1 pair per month is my goal)

  1. Deranged Dad Socks (f/k/a Argyles for Dad) (Orgy of Greed gift) Cast on 7/10/12. Its time to turn the heel for sock #1 but this is on the back burner as A) I need to be awake and alert enough to see what I’m doing with the black yarn and B) It’s Ravellenics time. All projects OTN before the Opening Ceremonies of London 2012 have been tabled for the next 15 days.
  2. Celtic Beaded Socks Ravellenic’s Project #2- Cast on 7/28/12 at EAA
  3. Baldersquash (Smart Ass Knitter’s World Domination Club June 2012 pattern)
  4. Plain socks for dad (another Orgy of Greed gift)
  5. Masonic Lodge (possibe OoG gift for Mr.Me)
  6. Jaywalker
  7. Helen Socks
  8. TBD
  9. TBD
  10. TBD
  11. TBD
  12. TBD


  1. Insouciant
  2. Camden Place Cardigan– I finally brought the yarn home from my office. Does this count as progress?
  3. Emma’s Chemise
  4. Elphaba the sequel

Shawls, Scarves, etc

  1. Irish Hiking Scarf (Scotties’ OoG gift #1, Ravelllenics project #2) Cast on 7/28/12 during the opening ceremonies I am using the most deliciously soft Malabrigo Rios in the natural colorway for this.  Irish cables seem to need natural colored yarns and this should be wonderfully soft and warm. Going to be hard to give it away!
  2. Whipoorwhill
  3. Rockefeller– WestKnits Mystery Shawl KAL 2012.  This may or may not make it OTN. I’m waiting to see pictures of finished projects on Ravelry before I decide! 
  4. Pogona
  5. Zuzu Petals for April (OoG)
  6. Scarf for Janesa
  7. Athena  Boneyard– Cast on 7/21/12 Progress was good until I tossed this one aside for the Ravellenics. I’m enjoying the process though. It’s great on the go knitting because I’m using fingering weight so it’s small and it’s pretty straight forward stockinette stitch so very mindless. I like it! 
  8. Charlie Chevron Scarf
  9. Clapotis  Cast on 7/8/12, off 7/25/12. Still needs blocking but I’m considering it finished anyway.  The Season of Doom is still too far off to worry about it so I’m not gonna. You can’t make me. 


  1. Dead Fish Hat– Joey (OoG)
  2. Dead Fish Hat Maddy (OoG)
  3. Dead Fish Hat Audra (OoG)
  4. Dead Fish Hat Onna (OoG)
  5. Irish Hiking Hat for Scottie (OoG & Ravellenics) This is the next up for cast on. Should happen in the coming week
  6. Turn A Square for Mr.Me (OoG)
  7. Hat for James (OoG) (Pattern subject to change on a whim!)

Just To Prove My Insanity

  1. EBI (no intentions of actually FINISHING this in a year, just growing it steadily) Also slated for some Rav. Games knitting. My goal is to grow it by 17 squares over the 17 days. No progress yet but as every over-confident knitter knows, this is not cause for concern! 
  2. Tir Chonaill
  3. Ball Sack  Cast on 7/12/12. Cast off 7/13/12

Progress To Date:

Projects on the original list: 34

Projects on the list now: 35+

OTN  4/33

Completed 2/35


14 responses to “YOP Update 7/29/12

  1. Your list just blows me away!

  2. I’m going to miss your deranged dad sock updates! have fun in the olympics..

  3. Fantastic list and I really love that Irish Hiking Scarf, its now gone into my favourites lol ! I think if you want to abandon the list for hats for people in cold places then go for it

  4. Good luck in the games! I pair of socks per month…I’m just starting my first pair….I’ll feel lucky if I get one pair done this year! LOL! Have a great week.

    • Socks are still about my favorite knit. Instant gratification since they don’t require blocking or anything! Hope you catch the fever with your first pair!

  5. 17 squares in 17 days is totally doable. Those things fly off the needles. As for the desire to knit hats– it’s a hobby, even with the YOP list in the background. It’s supposed to be fun and flexible!

  6. Can’t wait to see your Beaded Celtic socks. I did the Irish Hiking scarf a few years ago, it’s become my favorite scarf.

  7. Knitting for our troops is such a noble cause–and if the list suffers, than so be it! I am knitting my first ever Christmas gifts and made it my Ravellenic project. Have fun with the games!

  8. Nice progress, and I can’t wait to see your Ravellenic Games projects, very ambitious but I bet you can do it!

  9. Good luck with all your Ravellenics activity! I feel the same way about being over-confident :).

  10. I love your confidence. It’s a virtue, right? I’m also jealous of your ability to call socks easy as they are the bane of my wee little existence! Great post!

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