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F/O Friday #7


This happens to be my favorite Friday because it’s one where I can stay in my jammies, take up residence with a kitten or three and some knitting and just not care what the real world is up to. I love my Friday’s off! Mr.Me’s been sent to work and I’m settled in for day one of a long weekend. I’ll admit, I’m the tiniest bit sad that it’s Labor Day weekend already, that another summer is and the season of doom has hopped the express train to tortureville, but I am NOT sad that I don’t have to go back to work for four whole days! That part is awesome. Onto the knitting.

I did manage an object to show off for the week. As reported in last Sunday’s YOP update, I finished my Wingspan.  I actually finished it last Friday but the F/O Friday post was up so I held out on showing it off. Otherwise who knows how long before I’d have had an excuse to post on a Friday…  Without further ado, here it is:

What? You wanted to see the actually knitted object, not the adorable frankenbelly giving it the butt-print of approval? BORING.  But fine. Here you go…

I should really try to get a picture of this either in my stash room or outside to try and get a better representation of the colors.  It really isn’t quite as frightening as you might suspect! The pink is bright to be sure, bot not quite as garish as I keep getting in the photos courtesy of night time photo shoots in my poorly lit living room. But this would require a level of ambition I’ve just not felt lately.  Hope should not be abandoned, but holding your breath may be unwise…

As to the knit itself, I rather enjoyed it. I think I’d have enjoyed it more if my Tir Chonaill kit hadn’t arrived right after I cast it on, but it was still fun. Simple garter stitch makes for great TV knitting and I was glad to tame the shrew-skin of yarn that gave me so many fits before. I still haven’t decided if this will fulfill its destiny as a Christmas gift for one of my nieces of if it shall be added to my growing stack of “Knit Ahead Season” knits to debut myself later this Season Of Doom.  Time will tell I guess. For now, I think I’ll just concentrate on blocking it while the weather is still lovely and I can do so outdoors. As you might have guessed, a house full of thumbless overlords (you may know them as kittens) makes blocking a challenge on a good day!

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