WIP Wednesday #2

It’s WIP Wednesday again and I actually have some different WIPs PhDs  to share today.  This is noteworthy in that the PhDs I shared last week are not finished and not actively feeling the love right now. Participation in the Ravelympcis Ravellenic Games means I’ve cast aside the projects that were OTN before the opening ceremonies of London 2012 and cast on other items to “compete” for medals in Scarf Hockey, Hat Dash, Hand dyed High Dive, Holiday Hurdles, Cable Steeplechase, Balance Beads  and the Modular Relay. I think that’s all of my events. I’m not 100% sure right now. I’m in the middle of a knitting frenzy here and I can’t even keep up with myself!  On the up side, these are also projects on my YOP List so I feel like I’m really making progress.  It also means I also have a couple things in the ready room waiting for Friday’s Finished Objects post! The weird part is one item made it on and off the needles before I could call it a WIP in the blog-sense, so you just have to wait for that one…

Today’s projects in process:

First, the sock.  The sock is a classic display of knitting in public in addition to a race to the finish for my Ravelry experience.  It was officially cast on Saturday while we wandered the grounds at EAA’s Airventure 2012.  If I wasn’t oggling these,

I was knitting on the sock.  While walking. Sometimes with my eyes closed (not walking and knitting with my eyes closed, that would be silly). And at least half the foot was knit completely in the dark while Mr.Me drove us home. I love that I can knit without seeing what I’m doing! And there’s really only one spot where something went a bit awry. And it’s a sock so the hiccup will be in a shoe and no one will be the wiser.  I hope to have the heel turn completed by the end of my lunch break tomorrow and will be on to the exciting part- the cables and beads! This is my first adventure with beading and knitting. Thought it would be a good choice because I am well and goodly familiar with knitting socks so I was really only adding one element that’s new.  I’ll report back on the progress when there’s something to report!

Project #2 is my Hat Dash entry.  It will be cross competing in the Cable Steeplechase and Holiday Hurdles events.  It is the mate to my Scarf Hockey entry.  The scarf I cast on on Friday night and finished last night so you have to wait for Friday to see that one, but I made some nice progress on the hat last night.

Both are slated to be Orgy of Greed gifts for my step-MIL.  The last few years she’s gotten socks but since she only wears her hand knit socks for sleeping, she’s well stocked for several years to come so I opted to go with the hat & scarf combo this year.  She’s a very no-frills kind of gal so I opted for a basic pattern that was still interesting to knit.  I love the look of cables in natural colored yarn and have completely enjoyed the knitting on this one.  The pattern in Irish Hiking Hat (Ravelry Link or Non-Ravelry Link if you’re not on Rav. Which you should be. Seriously. Sign up NOW!). I’m knitting it with Malabrigo Rios in the Natural colorway. It is so soft and smooshy, pure joy for this knitter.  I am actually going to have a hard time giving it away and, therefore, will likely be hitting up Eat.Sleep.Knit to order some more to make another for myself. Cuz I need more yarn you know.

For more WIP-Wednesday posts, visit Tami’s Amis and see what everyone else is up to!


5 responses to “WIP Wednesday #2

  1. Your wips looks amazing. I love them all.

  2. Irish Hiking hat is a great pattern – very traditional and practical. I’m much more suited to fitted hats like this rather than fussy, floppy or frilly ones myself!

    Very nice sock yarn – already looks like the perfect pair for wearing everyday with jeans 🙂

    • The yarn is one of my favorites- Crock-O-Dye. Holds up beautifully and knits so nicely! I’m hoping I don’t regret the choice when it comes to the beading part- it’s a little heavy as fingering weights go, but I love it!

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