WIP Wednesday #3

After a whirlwind week of knitting progress last week, I have to be honest, the knitting took a bit of a back seat this week.  Not completely. I am pretty well convinced my head would implode if I actually stopped knitting entirely for any length of time (and by length, I think say 48-72 hours at a stretch. I just can’t imagine it).  There was still knitting accomplished each day, just at a much slower pace than what I’d turned out in the first week of the Olympics and concurrent Ravellenic Games knitting. My focus, instead, was on a WIP that’s technically not even mine.  This one:

The picture doesn’t quite do him justice- he’s much more adorable in person, but this may well be the most photographed child EVER…  My nephew Bradley. When he was born, my brother set up a website to share pictures with those of us who live far far away and there were daily updates for a good 4 years. Not just one picture, many. And we (the far far away folks) lived for those updates.  But eventually free will kicked in and the kid got a lot more difficult to photograph.  Now I usually have to do strange things to catch him when he’s not paying attention- like distracting him while sticking my iPhone in front of his face and pushing the shutter button, hoping something reasonable will turn out. I have a couple more pictures from bowling but those are still trapped in the camera.  So you get a crappy iPhone pic. He’s definitely one of my favorite Works In Progress.  I don’t get to see him but a couple times a year so setting aside the knitting for 4 days of video games, lake time, playing catch and teaching him to play Yatzee and Monopoly (which he soundly kicked my arse at) were totally and completely worth the sacrifice!

But as I said, all knitting was not abandoned.  I’m making very nice progress on my Celtic Beaded Socks.  Sock #1 was finished on Friday (you’ll have to wait for Friday for the big reveal) and sock #2 went on the needles.  Didn’t make great progress over the weekend but I got as far as the heal turn complete last night while watching the last of the women’s gymnastics competitions.  I wisely bravely brought my cable needle, crochet hook and beads with me to work today so that I can start the “fun” part at lunch. Not sure I’ll get very far but it seemed better than bringing nothing!  Hope to have this finished tonight or tomorrow night and then it’s down to just the blanket squares to accomplish all of my Ravellenic Games goals.

AS for the Epic Blanket of Insanity, I finally showed this one a little love on Sunday.  Monday, too, actually.  My goal for the Games is one square per day. I knew full well I wouldn’t actually knit a square a day, blanket knitting is much more a marathon thing, knit several squares in a row, sometimes for one day, sometimes for several in a row, but not one a day.  So between the 2 days, I’ve grown the EBI by 9 squares.  4 per night for the last couple nights of the Olympics is a very reasonable amount to expect to knit.  I can do this!  Sorry for the recycled picture…  Haven’t had a chance to snap the EBI in all it’s glory (which is getting a lot more complicated, by the way) and the pictures of the individual squares added are, like the bowling pictures, still trapped in the camera, but they’ll come eventually. For now I’m more worried about focusing on the knitting. The closing ceremonies are coming and I really want to finish all I set out to accomplish.  And I’m still just deluded enough to think I’ll have time for another hat or scarf before all is said and done.

Yep. I’m insane.


2 responses to “WIP Wednesday #3

  1. Your sock is really pretty. Your blanket is going to be amazing. I can’t wait to see it. XD

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