Finished Object Friday #4- EPIC completion!



I had every intention of bringing you a finish update last Friday.  I had goodies to show off even.  TWO of ’em, knit in a week’s time. But the thing is, I was too busy knitting. I didn’t get so far as writing up a post. So this week is the bonus edition of Finished Object Fridays for this knitter.

As I’ve mentioned (several dozen times by now I’m sure), I decided to participate in the Ravellenic Games over on Ravelry in conjunction with the summer Olympics.  I’m not quite sure what possessed me to set forth the list of projects I cooked up as no sane woman who works full time should have even fathomed this much knitting in 17 days, but, well, I’ve come clean before. I am not sane. (See my Year of Projects posts if further proof is required- though 35 in a year seems remarkably less insane than 5 in 17 days, now that I think about it). SO, sanity not really being my strong suit, I dove in.  Every attempt would be made to complete:

  1. One or more hand dyed skeins of yarn from my hand spun
  2. Celtic Beaded Socks
  3. Irish Hiking Scarf
  4. Irish Hiking Hat
  5. 17 total squares for my Epic Blanket of Insanity

Totally not sane. But totally OWNED!

First project on the needles was the scarf.  I cast it on while watching the opening ceremonies.  Due to that pesky work thing, I wasn’t able to cast on at the official start time, something like 3pm locally for me, so I settled for OTN during the delayed broadcast here. The scarf was a dream to knit.  I used Malabrigo Rios (possibly my favorite worsted weight to date, definitely my favorite producer of yarn) in natural.  There is something absolutely dreamy about cables in natural colored yarn, don’t you think?

Irish Hiking Scarf

I love this scarf so much it is going to kill me to have to give it up, but it is a Christmas gift for one of my favorite in-laws. And I’m pretty sure she’ll appreciate the gesture of love that goes into both the knitting and the giving away.  She’s gotten socks the last few Christmases so she’s definitely knit worthy!

Which is good, cuz the Irish Hiking Hat was knit to match and make a set. Same yarn, same cable pattern. The only difference is that I was afraid the fabric of the scarf would be a bit too loose for the hat so I dropped it down an extra needle size.  7s for the scarf, 6s for the hat. Couldn’t be happier with the decision. This was actually the third project cast on but the 2nd finished.

Irish Hiking Hat

The second project OTN was my Celtic Beaded Socks.  This is the one I was afraid would give me the most fits.  They’re a more complicated pattern than most of the socks I do (and by complicated I mean fiddly, not necessarily difficult), plus its the first time I have ever worked beads into my knitting. They were the first project I selected for the Games and tickled at the back of my noggin for months leading up to the big event.  Not sure the iPhone picture does the color much justice and the beads are hard to see because I opted for a mostly clear bead with the yarn, but I love the socks. Almost enough to wish it was sock season. But not quite.

Celtic Beaded Socks

The first project finished was actually the skein of hand dyed hand spun.  I spun the yarn during the Tour de Fleece and dyed it on the first Sunday of the Olympics.  For this skein I used several different colors from my recently acquired Duff Icing Gels. Wasn’t quite what I was expecting but the longer I look at ti (it sat on my sewing machine cabinet in the living room for a week and a half before I had to move it so the cleaning lady didn’t put it “away”. We’re still discovering places she considers “away”…). I’m still waiting for the skein to tell me what it wants to be- it’s 350ish yards of fingering weight shetland.

Then there’s my favorite finish of the week. It really has absolutely nothing to do with me but it is, without a doubt, the finish I look forward to more than almost any other thing all year long- the END of the drought known as the NFL off season!  My Celtic Beaded Socks were cast off during the first preseason game for my beloved Green Bay Packers. And this year I can call them MY Packers since it’s the first season I am starting as a share holder in my team. Hopefully next year I’ll be starting the season as a regular season ticket holder. For any who are fans of the game or the team, you know the waiting list for tickets stands at 80,000 at any given time. I am in the low 400s on the list right now (mom and dad signed up before I was born, switched their spot in line into my name when they took up residence in Florida). With the stadium expansion at Lambeau Field that’s slated for completion before the start of the 2013 season, I should FINALLY realize every cheese heads dream- My very own permeant home in the greatest place on earth to watch a football game.  And I won’t even take my knitting to go to the games. HORRORS right?

So anyway, I expect there’s going to be a huge slowdown in finished objects to post about.  4 projects in 14 days is highly unusual for me. I expect to be back to a normal 2-3 projects for month pace from here on out. But I’m good with that. It’s still progress and, more importantly, it’s knitting. And knitting is good.


12 responses to “Finished Object Friday #4- EPIC completion!

  1. I LOVE your scarf and hat! What a great gift!

    • Thank you! I think they are some of my favorite knits so far! The fact that I have to give them away sort of led to a substantial stash enhancing experience, too, cuz I need to knit more for myself!

  2. That many FOs is quite an accomplishment. I haven’t completely finished anything in weeks. Although if I could just get around to blocking a couple of things…

    • This is so not my norm! I am good for usually one pair of socks and one larger project in a month. This is due only to an “Olympic” effort!

      • I see you wiping the sweat off your brow, beaming as you hold your medal, and talking to reporters.

        “So Suzy, what are you going to do next?”

      • OOH! I’ve always wanted to do this…

        “I’m going to Disneyland!”

        Not really… I’m just gonna resume my regularly scheduled knitting- Deranged Dad Socks and my Boneyard for now…

  3. Wow. You have some serious stamina- I tried to make that irish hiking scarf and couldn’t get past about 7″. (I’m not a scarf knitter. Serious ADD)
    It looks wonderful ♥

    • I admit, there was a point where it felt like I was knitting for hours and getting no where, but it really went quick in the end. I think 3 days. Faster than I would be able to finish it under normal circumstances but one of the days was a Sunday where I was nursing a serious cold and couldn’t be bothered to get off the couch! I got a lot of knitting done that day…

  4. The hand dyed yarn is beautiful! I still seem to be stuck on Kool Aid, but after seeing this, I am seriously considering trying Duff!!!

    The Irish Hiking Scarf and Hat are gorgeous–I’ve already added the hat pattern to my queue. 🙂 Love the socks, too!

    • I’ve done Kool-Aid, too, but the icing gels come in so many more colors. And are a little less OMG bright! Sometimes I like OMG bright, sometimes, not so much. Love experimenting with dying though!

  5. Wow, you’ve been busy! I love the hand-dyed; it would probably make a beautiful shawl or scarf.

  6. this mere mortals bows before you in respect.

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