The Wrap-Up

So I know I’ve talked a lot about my exploits during the Ravellenic Games recently. The truth is, I really really enjoyed the challenge and was pretty well consumed with the projects I undertook during the “competition”, so, more for my own sake than anything else, I thought I’d throw together a post with an “in one place” update for posterity’s sake. Something to look back on in 2 years when the games start up again during the 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.  Something to convince myself to set a sane, reasonable goal for 17 days of knitting.

Something tells me sane and reasonable will not be a part of the planning. After all, in 2 years when it’s time to play along again, it will be, well, WINTER.  The Season of Doom. The time of year where being outdoors is for the clinically insane brave and intrepid who undertake winter sports and find joy in being out doors when their nuts freeze off the temperatures dip below freezing. The time of year where I make every attempt to remain indoors where it’s warm and cozy and kittens curl up on my lap for a long afternoon of cuddling. Where playing with sticks and string is not only logical but genius because what falls off the needle is genius little hugs of warmth I give myself and those I love. Ahh… after the summer we have had, this almost sounds dreamy…

But I digress. The intent of today’s post is a wrap up. A bit of bragging. A showing off of all my trips to the podium to celebrate knitting awesomeness. (Not that I claim my knitting to be awesome. I mean KNITTING is awesome. Me. I aspire to mediocrity. Anything beyond that is purely an accident.)

The fun of the Ravellenic Games was two fold- first to set a goal and see how much I could actually accomplish in the 17 day time frame given. The second was showing off the finished objects to all who participated and getting called to the virtual podium to share that moment of glory and collect “medals” for my efforts.  The “medals” in this care are nothing more than little badges of honor. But it was fun none the less. Especially fun to see how many medals I could earn for a single project.  So without further ado, the collection:

Scottie’s Irish Hiking Scarf. This one earned me 3 medals- One for the hat itself, one for using cables and one cuz it’s a Christmas gift.

Scottie’s Irish Hiking Hat- again, three medals, hat, cable & Christmas.

Celtic Beaded Socks: This one was my biggest hurdle- I learned to add beads (medal #1), I used cables (medal #2), they’re socks (medal #3) and I used a ball out of my stash (medal #4).  I was hoping to earn a 5th medal for a single skein project but it turns out my tiny little feed present an issue- I rarely use a full skein on socks cuz I just don’t need to knit that much to finish them to size.  Oh well, I’ll aspire to single skein greatness next time I guess.

The last knitting project I selected during the games was additions to my EBI.  17 squares, the equivalent of one per day. This was nearly a full row of squares added to my overall progress which makes me very happy!  I am up to 7 full rows with a start on the 8th in the overall project. Still a long way to go, but this was a fun way to encourage a bit of progress. Just one medal here, the Modular Relay was a stand alone event so even though there was some stash busting (using up of leftovers)and a few other little tie ins, the project had to stand alone for my trip to the podium.

My final 2 medals came through the Hand dyed event.  The yarn for both was spun during the Tour de Fleece in late June and July. All Shetland, All 3 ply, spun over 2 Civil War events.  Both were experiments with icing gels for the dye, slightly different techniques. The first I call Under The Sea. Not exactly what I expected but it has totally grown on me. I think it’s going to grow up to be socks but I’m not sure WHAT socks just yet. I’ll figure it out eventually.

The 2nd skein is almost closer to lace weight than fingering. 530 yards worth. Lots more than I need for socks, maybe not enough for a shawl or scarf. I don’t know yet.  I also don’t know if it will remain as is or make a 2nd trip through the dye pot.  Overall, I call this one a successful failure.  It was successful in that my first shot at mixing my own dye color was totally successful. The dark purple is exactly the color I had in mind. The failure- I tried a resist dying technique where I wanted the color to penetrate the skein at different rates but I overachieved. Most of the yarn ended up untouched by color at all.  It might knit up wonderfully, it might end up looking extremely splotchy and just wrong. So I’m allowing it to simmer right now. In sight of my knitting spot where I can wait for it to speak to me and tell me what it wants. The parts that are colored are pretty and make me happy. I just can’t decide if the parts that are white are annoying or OK yet. So I’ll decide later. Probably.

So there you have it.  17 days of knitting, 6 yarn related projects, one very productive feeling knitter.  Life is good.

Now. If only Stash BUILDING was an event.  All those stashes being busted during the games, what about the ones that were enhanced? Don’t they deserve some love, too? I think they do. Highly under-rated, stash building, I say.  So here you have it… What happens when Mr.Me goes away for the weekend and I’m left to misbehave…

Malabrigo problem? Me? Surely you jest.  I don’t have a Malabrigo problem…  Nope. No way. Nothing to see here folks, just keep moving…

Honestly, honey, it was the cat.  She was…Cold. Yes. Cold. Bubbles was cold. She missed you so much she threw all akimbo and couldn’t keep warm. She NEEDED the yarn for insulation. I swear. This was a completely selfless act. Totally.



3 responses to “The Wrap-Up

  1. I love that a recognize some of your squares!!!! You did a great job at all the events. And in my opinion, the white is the skein is fine. I think it will knit up nicely 🙂

  2. It can be hard to tell how any variegated yarn will knit up until you actually do a swatch. Test it out, and if you don’t like it, I’m sure someone else will!

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