The Reality Check

It’s that time again- Wednesday! YAY Wednesday!  The middle of another week is always a good thing cuz it means the weekend is coming up quicker than not! Especially fun when it’s coming up to my long weekend (I have off every other Friday).  And time to report on another week’s knitting progress.

Since the Ravellenic Games wrapped up, it means I’m back to the projects that got shoved in a corner set aside for special projects. Since  I strive for semi-monogamous knitting (one project at home, one project in my knitting bag for work/out and about knitting, the EBI for random drunk knitting or filling time between projects), I was actually very happy to get back to these projects.  It turns out I like to keep my knitting life in order where a project is started and finished in a reasonable amount of time. I have too many quilting WIPs haunting me from the great beyond (otherwise known as my stash room) that have caused me to run screaming from quilting at all. I don’t want this to happen with my knitting. I like the feeling of accomplishing something while satisfying my need to keep my hands busy.  It’s good. I need that. When everything else in the world is chaos, I can find order in knitting. So Sunday night, during the Closing Ceremonies of London 2012, I broke out the Deranged Dad Socks.

You may recall that when the DDS project was cast set aside, I was to the point of turning the first heel. I over-estimated the number of rows I’d need to knit for the foot, especially on hearing my FIL (the Dad in our sock story. The Deranged part might be up for debate, but it really is indicative of the pattern to yarn to technique choice, not the dad part) has small feet, so instead of my preferred gusset & slip stitch heel, I opted for the short row heel.  In some respects this one is a faster heel to knit so it should make me happy to make the substitution, but it is a less familiar technique so it looses some favor there. Oh and the whole pick up the wraps bit- fingering weight black yarn knit at night…  Oh yes, again, I remind you I truly have lost my marbles with this one. But I started it so I’ma finish it, sane or not. So I turned the heel.

Then I needed to start the leg. Which means adding more bobbins. Because I’m doing intartia. In the round. With black. On tiny needles. GAH.  I realized Sunday night as I constantly battled a billion little bobbins (OK, I’m embellishing. For effect. I swear it feels like a billion) that insist on braiding themselves into a nightmare, I am really not enjoying this project.  I enjoy the CONCEPT of the project. I love argyle, it’s such a fun look.  I enjoy socks. They’re still my favorite thing TO knit. I love my FIL and the idea of gifting him fancypants dancing socks makes me giggle to no end. But the actual knitting. Oh no. Definitely not.  So what to do?

I kept knitting Sunday night until it was time to call it bedtime.  I about a quarter of the way through the first argyle on the leg. I went to bed and slept (used loosely, I really haven’t slept well the last few nights) on it.  I went to work on Monday and convinced myself I was looking forward to more DDS argyling during TV time. I did the errands, made the dinner and settled in with my knitting.  I wrestled annoying little blue bobbins. I wound my yarn back up as high as I could at the end of each color change to try and keep them from becoming a cluster fuc birds nest of yarn. I finished the first half of the first argyle pattern for the leg.  And I decided it’s time to be honest with myself. This is a horrid choice of projects for week night knitting.

It is not stress-relieving, it is stress inducing.  Instead of whiling away the troubles of my day, I am fighting little blue bobbins of madness.  I am spending as much time untangling yarn as knitting it. I am sitting under a too bright light to see what I am doing. In short, I am hating the sock. It does not own me. I am still going to kick its ass and probably it’s mates too, but I am going to do so at a slower pace. When I WANT to do a little challenging knitting.  When it’s daylight and I can actually see what I am doing. For whatever Christmas I happen to finish them in time for. These need to be a no-deadline project. Because forcing myself to work on them for the sake of getting them finished is not working. Its making me hate the socks. And I don’t want to hate the socks. I love how they look. I think it’ll be a gas to give them to my FIL and tell them how they came to be. But I knit to relax so I need to give myself the freedom to knit them only when I’m awake and up to the challenge. I’ll keep you posted on the progress when it happens, but for now, these are moving out of the spotlight. And I’ve given myself permission to be OK with that. It feels a little freeing, honestly.

So I finished out Monday night’s knitting with more work on Boneyard. It’s getting close to finished. Another day or 2 of lunch hour knitting and I will be DONE! WAHOOO! I love me a finished object. Hopefully I’ll be able to brag it up on this one come Friday. Since I’m off on Friday and the forecast looks clear, I will hopefully get it blocked right away then tuck it away for the Season of Doom. This will make me happy.

AND…. This is probably my favorite part. It means it’s time to decide what’s next up on the needles…  In sticking with the goals I set out for my Year of Projects, it seems like I should tackle another Orgy of Greed gift. Actually probably going to have to choose 2, if Boneyard is no longer my traveling project, maybe its time to hit the Vanilla socks for FIL and a hat. Which one? Hmmm…. I love this part! So I reviewed my Year of Projects list I updated my Ravelry cue so that it only includes the projects on my YOP list, I pondered. I allegedly allowed my mind to wander to my stash…  And I settled on it… After much consternation (all work related, grr) and a goodly bit of gin, I cast on one of the 4 Dead Fish Hats I have slated for Orgy of Greed knitting.  Progress is good. (A quick morning edit happened here so pictures have been added! )



9 responses to “The Reality Check

  1. What discipline to keep your projects so focused. I just can’t seem to do that. Next project decisions must be one of the most fun parts of knitting.

    • At last count I have something like 4 quilts in various stages of completion on the hand quilting (one being our wedding quilt- from 2000), at least 6 quilt tops ready to be quilted and finished, no less than a dozen WIPs in various states of assembly… And it all added up to me finding quilting more daunting than relaxing because I could never quite finish anything. Or at least I could start much quicker than I can finish. So knitting became an escape from that- I can start and end a project in a couple days/weeks/month’s time and feel the satisfaction of a finished object. I do not want to allow my quilting habits to infect my knitting habits and make me running from this, too! LOL

  2. You WILL kick it’s ass. When I glanced at the photo I thought, Oh I want to make those. But not so much after reading your post. I hope FIL appreciates all the hardwork and frustration that you’re putting into them 🙂

    • If you’ve done intartia before, you’ll probably be OK. If you’re smarter than me and chose colors you can actually SEE, you’ll definitely be happier. Cuz they look cool as heck. They’re just kicking my ass right now so I gotta walk away. But I will finish then. As God as my witness, tomorrow is another day, all that jazz…

  3. I sympathize with you on the DDS. Recently, Husband asked me to knit him a hat (he NEVER asks me to make him anything) from a pattern he picked out. The whole pattern was full of errata. So, after frogging the hat 5 times, completely rewriting someone else’s pattern, the hat was done and then promptly thrown at Husband. With the statement that if he didn’t like it he could throw the damn thing away. Well, he does like it and wears it but, I hate that hat.

    Your socks look lovely and I hope you still like them when they are complete : P

  4. Yikes! The Socks That Ate Your Sanity…hope it gets better!

  5. I can completely see how the argyle project could be a nightmare, but IT LOOKS SO GREAT!

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