Does it count as finished if you haven’t taken photos


Today officially marks my fifth edition of Finished Object Friday.  After a flourish of finishes during the Olympics, I didn’t honestly expect anything epic this week. But it turns out, I made good progress.  Aside from the troubles previously mentioned with my Deranged Dad Socks, I got a lot done.

First off the needles was my Boneyard. I kind of liked the ease of this project.  No real challenges with the knitting and I could quit at any time. I decided Wednesday that I was far enough to make me happy so I finished up my garter stitch edge rows at lunch and bound it off at quilting night (no need to discuss the whole knitting at quilting thing again, is there?).  As soon as I’d finished binding off, I had a moment of dread where I thought I should have made it larger. I used fingering weight on size 5 needles  and used about 3/4 skein of Malabrigo sock. I knew it would grow in blocking so I decided whatever happens happens, I wasn’t going to rip back and add more. Turns out this was the right call.  I took advantage of my day off today and blocked it on the back porch. The finished shawl measures 54″ across by 24″ down. Since I will most likely wear this kerchief style, this should be perfect!

Since the DDS got set aside for now, I had to cast on something else for home.  So I decided to give a little more love over to the Orgy of Greed (that’s Christmas to most, Giftmas to some, OoG to me!) list so I can try to avoid the frantic Muppet-flail come the end of the year when I wake up and realize the Season of Doom is in full swing, Christmas Eve is mere days away and I haven’t even touched the list.  I know many of you know the disease of which I speak.  I am trying not to be THAT knitter this year.  So I dove into the Year of Projects/OoG list and came up with a fish hat. I’ve already knit 2 of these so I knew it wouldn’t be a terribly labor intensive knit which felt about perfect for my mood lately.  I finished the last of the fins and end weaving this morning. Even gave it a quick bath and a bake in the sun while my shawl was blocking!  Took all of 3 days to finish! YAY. Which is good. I have 3 more of these planned for this year (2 for the grandkids, one for the great niece, one for the great nephew). I did a little knitters math today and realized if I do one each month I will get them done without burning myself out on fish hats and still have plenty of time to finish them. Someone remind me to knit a fish a month for the next 3 months, k?

The trick, you see, is that I just don’t feel like busting out my camera right now.  It would require extracting my ass from my couch and I’m not going to lie, I’m just not feeling it.  So today I’m going to go ahead and just TELL you I have finished objects. And I’m going to keep my couch company while casting on something new. Unless I grab my spinning wheel and see what I can get up to with that. Either way, I just don’t see any leaving of the couch for any length of time today. And it is good.  If you check back on Sunday for my Year of Projects update, I’ll try to have some photos included with that post.


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