A Bicraftual Weekend

I love three day weekends.  I love even more that I get three day weekends every other week.  This is good.  While I could certainly keep myself busy in the office with a for real full time schedule, my sanity benefits greatly from the extra day off.  Rarely does that day (or some part of the three day weekend) go by without at least one phone call for some bit of something requiring me to fix it, but I still get to spend a good bit of those long weekends doing the things I love to do.  This particular weekend, though, I think I hit a home run with all I packed into it.

As I’ve mentioned before, I do make a good effort to be a mostly monogamous knitter.  I find it helps to keep me from becoming overwhelmed with PhD’s if I keep to a very limited number of projects on the needles.  It’s usually one large, at home project, one on the go (sock) project and my EBI.  Right now, I’ve added the Deranged Dad Socks to the list to be worked on as I see fit, no pressure of a deadline or even a finish line.  There’s a new sock on the needles, the Winding Roads sock using a skein of Merino-Cashmere-Nylon from indigodragonfily in one of my very favorite color way names- Cute & Cuddly Mutant Zombie Squirrels of Doom. How do you not love that? I can’t. In fact, I keep giggling while I knit it.  Which is probably not helping with that whole weird girl with the knitting image I seem to have acquired.  Oh well.

The Winding Road socks were cast on because I finished my Boneyard last week. I used sock weight instead of the prescribed sport weight so my shawl is very light and airy. I  think this will be perfect since my office is usually on the warm side.  Finally figured out my dress form makes a perfect model for such things, too, so here you go- my Boneyard in Malabrigo Sock in Rayon Vert. It sort of makes me wish it was fall so I could wear it. But for now, a quick photo shoot and a tuck away into the closet with the rest of my Knit Ahead Season goodies will have to do.

Having finished my Bon Jovi Fish Hat (Not sure yet if it will be a live fish or a dead one, which lead BFF to name it the Bon Jovi fish- Dead or Alive. Get it? I am a lifer in the Bon Jovi fan club dating back to their earliest days when I was still in middle school. I can’t shake it. I just go with it now) I needed a new at home project, too.  This one happened a bit by accident.  There’s been a great deal of  discussion of the Wingspan Shawl on Ravelry lately, one of those hot knits of the day sorts of deals, but this one didn’t really speak to me.  It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t something I needed to knit to be happy.

Then I stopped at Grafton Yarn Store on Friday- I needed some Cascade 220 in purple for the next Bon Jovi fish, and there it was… A store sample of Wingspan. And suddenly I understood what all the fuss was about. I caught the bug and I needed to knit one. SO I cast it on. It’s theoretically an Orgy of Greed gift for  one of my nieces. More on the yarn and some pictures on Wednesday I think…

So there you’ve got the knitting part of my bicraftual weekend. That part shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.  Nor should the spinning part.  The Tour de Fleece got my spinning mojo on and I really missed it during the Ravellenic Games- I didn’t enter the Handspun Heptethalon and we had no reenacting events so I hadn’t touched my wheel in a couple of weeks.  I missed it.  So this weekend I got to play a bit more with that.  I finished what I deemed to be a reasonable bobbin full of a 70/30 wool silk blend, Navajo plied it and tossed it in the dye pot.  This time I decided to try another new technique for gradient dying- wound the yarn into a cake then put it into the pot. Didn’t come out perfect, but I like it!

I also decided my second hand dyed skein from the Rav Games needed to revisit the dye pot or I just wasn’t going to be happy.  So I stirred up something that seemed close for the deep purple, soaked the skein in the acid bath for several hours this time, gave it a much lighter twist than the last go around and tossed ‘er back in.  and this time… LOVE.  Really. Seriously LOVE.  I think this along with the dove gray I spun during the TdF might become my Rockafeller Shawl.

I didn’t end up with quite as intense a dark purple the 2nd time around but I was sort of aiming for that- figured I didn’t want to “mess up” the color I already had so a little lighter wouldn’t adversely effect that and it still pleads nicely with the rest.  Turns out the one photo I snapped shows more blue than purple but oh well. You’ll just have to wait for a knitted item to really see what it looks like. Wait. So do I!


So there… We’re up to three different crafts visited in one weekend- knitting, spinning and dying. Not really a surprise, these are pretty frequently visited projects round these parts. But here’s the deal. I didn’t stop there.  I’ve spent the last couple of weekends tidying up the stash room and I got an urge. One I haven’t felt in a good long while.  The one that had me… Wait for it…  SEWING.  Quilt blocks.

Crazy, right? I’ve been contemplating at least a light de-stash of my fabric hoard.  I haven’t felt the urge to work on a quilt in months if not more than a year. But there it was.  Last Wednesday was quilting night. I finished a shawl and worked on a hat. And I bought the 10th or 11th block for a block of the month quilt I signed up for last fall.  Laughing with my SIL again about how I hadn’t touched a single block yet. But there it was. I wanted to sew. Specifically, I wanted to start the blocks for my Generals Wives quilt.  So I did.  I finished 4 blocks this weekend. And while in the grand scheme of a quilt 4 blocks barely scratches the surface, but considering how long it’s been since I’ve wanted to sew something, it felt pretty huge.  It’s been quite some time since our bed was graced with a new quilt, maybe this one will finally be it.

So there you have it. A grand tour of my bicrafutalism. I think I hit every single one of my crafts of choice. I even did some cooking and baking. And I finished a book. And we saw fireworks. So pretty much all the highlights I could possibly have wanted to hit in a single weekend, I did! It was awesome! Just the thing a girl needs to recharge the batteries for another week of work.  A full, five day week this time. I don’t love those near as much as the 4 dayers, but at least I am rested and relaxed. Which is all you can really ask for, right?


One response to “A Bicraftual Weekend

  1. Man you make me itch to dye some yarn! Looks like you had a way more productive weekend than me!

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