Tour de Stash

Over the last several weekends, I’ve spend more time than usual in my stash room. This happy little place was formerly known as my sewing room but the truth is, that was never really the proper name for the space. Even though it’s long housed all the glory that is my quilting stash, very little actual sewing has ever gone on in that room.  Sometimes on a Saturday or Sunday when I didn’t feel like being social I’d hang out down there with a quilt in the hoop and do some hand quilting, but mostly it’s been a preparation room. Sewing was done by hand or eventually by machine, but the machine is my 1910 Singer Treadle which lives upstairs. Not exactly portable, ya know?  So sewing room made sense when speaking to others but wasn’t quite the right fit.

Then I started knitting. Mostly I started knitting when my storage capacity for fabric exceeded maximum. Honestly still the only thing I can really fit in the fabric storage area is fat quarters. I have a lot of room for those. But not so much need to collect them as of late.  So I started buying yarn to satisfy my stash building needs.  While the fabric storage is full, I still had plenty of places to tuck yarn!

For quite a while, the yarn stash lived upstairs. Since I really only knit dishcloths and socks, I kept my meager but growing stash in a drawer in my old dresser in the spare bedroom.  And for a while it fit. But it wasn’t very convenient. First, the spare bedroom isn’t really used. So it’s more of a Fibber Magee’s closet. It’s where stuff goes to die. Or at least become giant stacks of stuff. Until I get good and annoyed and clean it up. Or someone comes to spend the night. It’s a real crap shoot which of those 2 happens faster around here…  But anyway, the drawer thing wasn’t completely practical.  Plus my desire to Knit.All.The.Things kicked in and suddenly I wasn’t just stashing sock yarn anymore. Oh. And did I mention I took up spinning and am now collecting fiber to spin as well?

So it was time to move the stash. And the logical place was to move it into the sewing room. It is where my crafting mojo lives so it makes sense. But made it all the less logical to call it a sewing room. Especially since I haven’t done much sewing at all for the better part of 2 years. And of course me being me and not possessing mad skillz for organizing all the things, I didn’t do much of a job of it. The stash was stashed in a place that made sense but I wasn’t quite happy with the  ease of fondling using it nor the space I had dedicated to yarn vs quilting stuff.

Three weeks back when Mr.Me left for the weekend, I got a bee in my bonnet to start organizing things better. So I added a few more storage cubes, moved some things along and ended up with this:

The storage cubes came from Costco a couple of years back.  Its a set and a half I think. The rest got put together in another spot to move quilting things into.  I like how visible things are now.  And I took some steps to organize a bit.

The whole left column is dedicated to sock yarn.  The top two are a mixmosh of cakes read to knit.  For a while I was in a “wind all the yarn” phase so as soon as I’d bring things home, I’d cake ’em and then stash ’em. This made sense when I used the dresser drawer because I could see things more easily, but it turns out I am not in that phase anymore and prefer to have piles of unwound skeins to paw pet fondle peruse when it’s time for a new project. So that brings me to the rest of the stack…

Some yarns are so fabulous they deserve their own cubes.  The top is my steadily growing stash of lovelies from indigodragonfly and the bottom is my delightful stash of Malabrigo sock. Yummy pair of cubes, don’t you think?

Then the rest.  Don’t worry, that isn’t 2 shelves of Mal, it’s the same one from above.  Below it is random hanks of loveliness, some ordered online, some locally.  No real dedication to any one brand so they just coexist and look delightful.  And the bottom cube is overflow. Mostly commercially wound skeins, a couple of flats, a couple of false starts that need frogging, kind of my junk drawer of sock yarn, if you will.

Moving to the center column, we have your hand spun, or at least the stuff that’s been washed and is holding court to tell me what it wants to become. I think there’s at least 8 skeins that haven’t gotten a bath or made it to the stash room yet… The top cube is fingering/sport weight, the bottom is heavier weights.

Then comes, in neighboring cubes, center and right, the Malabrigo in different weights. Mostly Arroyo on the left, Rios on the right. Can you tell I really like my Malabrigo?

Worsteds to the bottom, mostly Cascade 220, and a bit of lace weight to the right

And finally at the top on the right, projects in wait.

These are a weird mix of things that actually know what they’re going to be when they grow up and things that I just ended up with in sufficient quantity to allow them to become something bigger when they grow up.  That bright pink on the bottom shelf- that used the be the sweater that shall not be discussed. I am happier with it recaked and waiting to become something else to be honest.

Oh. And lest we forget, the fiber stash.  Two large fabric boxes from IKEA, on the left is the undyed stuff, the right is my colored rovings. There’s a good deal more natural to come, more than the box will hold if I’m honest, but those fleeces are still at the processor so I am not worrying about them for the moment.  It is enough to keep me plenty busy in the mean time, right?

Wait… Don’t get the wrong idea. I don’t mean to say there is ENOUGH.  There is always room for more stash, be it fiber or yarn, just enough that I’m in no danger of running out before the fleeces are finished. Or my next trip to the yarn store. That’s all I mean. Don’t worry. I am no quitter. I am no where NEAR done amassing stash just yet. No.Where.Near. Knitter’s Honor.


9 responses to “Tour de Stash

  1. Just for the record I don’t think there is anything wrong with two shelves of Mal. But, very nicely organized.

  2. WOW! and I thought *I* was organized!

  3. I am jealous of your cubes, and only part of it is because of their contents. 😉

  4. any worries about it being open to the elements (which, in my house, would mean cat hair)? I love to see pretty fiber on display, but everytime I contemplate such a thing I look at a cat and realize I may very well be designing their new favorite spot to nap.

    Lovely stash, and lovely organization!

    • The thumbless overlords are typically not allowed in the stash room unsupervised so when they do get in, they are generally too busy exploring other nooks and crannies to notice. So far…

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