WIP Wednesday #5

Wednesday again? Already?! OY! Where does the time go?  At least this week I can say that I enjoyed every minute of the weekend, and since the weekend always seems to go faster than the days in between weekends, I guess it’s logical that it seems like time has flown since last Wednesday…

Last week was good for a couple of finishes which means this week was good for a couple cast ons. Love that!  Both got a bit of tease with Sunday’s Year of Projects update but today I’ll offer up pictures…

First up is my Wingspan.  If you’ve followed my blog since the beginning, you might remember the post in which I cursed Lang’s Jawoll Magic and the evil horse it road in on.  Seriously the WORST behaved skein of yarn I’ve ever fought with.  I lost the first battle. I tried to make socks. Every time I tugged a bit of yarn from the commercially wound center pull skein, it barfed. A LOT.  And I was spending more time untangling than knitting. No good.  So the skein was tossed into the naughty corner. I could not bring myself to toss it, at least not right away, but I had no desire to knit with it.

When I was organizing my stash I decided to reclaim the needles that were still stuck in the birds nest that was the sock I tried knitting.  Which meant I needed to decide what to do with the skein.  The ball winder was right there so I decided I’d give it a try. I slowly… SLOWLY set about winding this nightmare into a center pull ball on my winder. And it came out OK. So I stuck the newly caked skein into the sock yarn cubby and let it simmer.  Then I got bitten by the Wingspan bug. And I was pawing through the stash for the right something for it. And this skein all but leaped at me.

I was skeptical given my last experience trying to knit it, but I decided I’d take a chance.  Turns out, it’s going pretty well.  I am 4 triangles into the 8 triangle shawl.  I’m the slightest bit concerned about having enough yarn to finish (I lost a fair bit to the unsalvageable barf) but I just weight my skein after the first half and have 40g left.  If, after the next triangle I weight it again and have 30 or less, I’ll eliminate a repeat. If I have more than 40, I’ll end up with a row or 2 less on the finish. Either way, I think I’ll be OK.

I do love the color changes. Unfortunately I didn’t have the greatest light when taking the picture, the colors are a bit more pink and brighter, which makes it pretty outside the box for me, but I’m enjoying it. And it’s likely to be a gift for one of my nieces so I don’t have to wear it anyway! HA! And I’m learning to be a bit more cognizant of my tension as I knit.  It’s a fairly thin yarn and a fairly open garter stitch knit by comparison so I can really see the changes in tension if I forget to pay attention.  All around thumbs up for the yarn, the pattern and the knitting lesson it’s providing!

My other project on the needles right now is slightly less exciting to look at.  Just the start of the toe for my Winding Road socks. Love the yarn. Lately I’ve had an affinity for all things containing cashmere (who wouldn’t, right?) so this is prefect. And since it’s a vanilla sock until I get to the cuff, it should progress pretty quickly. Which is good.  My Tir Chonaill kit arrived on Monday and I cannot WAIT to cast that one on…


To see what other yarn heads are up to, check out Tami’s blog here



5 responses to “WIP Wednesday #5

  1. the colours for your wingspan are absolutely gorgeous! 🙂

  2. I keep overlooking Wingspan in my favorites list—and it really looks like it knits up great—might have to reconsider, yours is coming along great! OHG—-that Tir Chonaill!!!!…..is that GORGEOUS!!!!!

  3. I have a little of that Lang Jawoll in my stash– haven’t knit with it yet, and I’m making a note to wind it before I do. It’s so annoying when something looks like it should be a center pull ball and then proceeds to misbehave!

    Lovely colorway on that sock (and I totally understand your love for cashmere– I’ve got a skein of Shalimar Breathless on the needles that feels absolutely decadent!), and such a happy ball sack to go with it 😉

    • Hehe. You said ball sack. I actually need to knit another. My sack is too small for my balls.

      I am definitely having far better luck with the rewound skein.

  4. Yes, I have a yen for cashmere too! Wish I could afford enough for a pullover 🙂 Wingspan looks great with those long colour repeats. It’s a bit too pink for me, but there’s always someone for every colourway, isn’t there?

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