Finished Object Friday #6

I think my favorite thing about F/O Fridays is that it means I’ve made it through another week! Not like my life is all that challenging, I have a job I love (Most of the time!), a hubby I love (mostly all of the time!), a roof over my head, a car that gets me everywhere I know, more than enough food for my belly… Really the only major challenges that dog me are the First-World-Problem variety. So I am blessed. But none the less, I look forward to the conclusion of another work week with great excitement every week! Who doesn’t, right?

This week there is really very little to report in terms of finishes. Which feels a bit odd since the last couple have been such a flurry of completions. But I think it’s safe to say this is the norm. And I’m OK with that. I still get lots of knitting in so I’m making progress, just working on things that take a little more time. So really, the only finish I’ve got to show off right now is one from last week. I just didn’t bother to take a picture until now…  I bring you the Bon Jovi fish hat.

You may have guessed, this one is for one of the grandbabies. Or maybe my great-niece Maddie.  Either way, definitely a “girl” fish.  And it remains the Bon Jovi fish because I still haven’t decided if she should be dead or alive. Any thoughts? The recipient will be somewhere between 2.5-3.5 years old which is, I think, why I have such a dilemma. Is it socially acceptable to put a dead fish on a 3 year old? Do I care? I still can’t make up my mind so I’m going to continue to let the hat swim blindly ’til I make up my mind.

The only other thing of note was concluding my second swap for my EBI.  Fellow blogger Cleancup contacted me through Ravelry a couple weeks back and asked if I was interested. I was all like “DUH!” and “Hells yes” to that! While I am amply supplied with sock yarn ends, the truth is, the same ones I’ve already knit with for socks and a square or two (or three) get a little dull after a while, so I am always looking to swap. So we each put together little packages of ends and posted them earlier in the week. And both received our packages yesterday! I can’t wait to add these to my blankie!

So there you have it. The sum total of my “finishes” for the week. I expect by the end of tonight or tomorrow my Wingspan will be finished, but alas it will have to wait until next week for the show off photos. And by then, who knows what else might be on the needles. Something to ponder on my way through the day I suppose!


3 responses to “Finished Object Friday #6

  1. Great colours for the hat. I think that one looks more Alive 🙂

  2. Haha! probably alive! It’s colors are very vibrant! Are you going to add some giant googly white eyes?

  3. totally fine to put a dead fish on a 3 yo! Love the bon jovi ref.

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