Knitting With Foreign Hands

Have you ever had that feeling where the hands you’re knitting with just can’t possibly be your own? Where the process of passing the yarn over the needle & pulling the new loop through the old just feels foreign, clunky, like it did back when you were first learning to knit?

That was me last night.  I couldn’t fall asleep Sunday night. I was up reading until almost 2am and even once I finally went back to bed, sleep was fitful and difficult to come by.  So I figure I got maybe 2-3 hours.  Work was mostly an exercise in futility. I was there but I wasn’t necessarily productive. Home to make dinner (taco Tuesday moved up a night due to Mr.Me’s scheduling conflict with our regularly scheduled tack Tuesday) and collapse on the couch was about the extent of my excitement. But of course collapsing on the couch means knitting. And my Tir Chonaill is well under way. I need to pay attention to the pattern to get it exactly right, but I’m far enough along where it is not overly complicated, so I wasn’t too wary of picking it up in such a condition, so I did. And I managed a few rows. 6 or 7 I think. Which shouldn’t be a disappointing bit of production by any means, but it just didn’t FEEL right.

Sunday I was in the groove. The rows were passing by at a pleasing pace and the knitting was just making sense. Monday night though… No dice. Each stitch felt awkward. I kept losing my place on the chart and having to re-check my progress, fix mistakes, everything was just… off. And I felt very much like the hands doing the knitting were not my own. I’ve been doing long enough to have a pretty good rhythm. I knit the foot of a sock blind a few weeks back. I know what the stitches feel like and how to manipulate the yarn quite literally with my eyes closed. That was not the knitter at work last night.

Ever the stubborn knitter, I finished the few rows I had left in that pattern repeat and I put it away. I’ll try again tonight. I had a good night’s sleep so I think it should be better. I hope it will be better. Cuz I really hate it when I feel like I’m trying to knit with someone else’s hands.


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