WIP Wednesday #I forget and am too far gone to care to look it up

So Tuesday was kind of a rough day at the office. Nothing particularly awful, more a sum total of a lot of little things.  So today’s WIP Wednesday comes with the warning that I’m half a bottle of Skinnygirl Margaritas in on the night and it’s only 8:00.  Yes. This means I am admitting I usually write my posts ahead of time and schedule for future publishing. Cuz otherwise I’d be posting at some seriously inappropriate times! But right now I might not care if I did. By morning I’ll feel different. And possibly wish I’d have written this update when I was more sober. But oh well, the WIPs would be the same either way and this way, maybe I’ll be more amusing. Or amused. Either way… WIN

So about the knitting…  The knitting is, as always, the one thing that keeps me sane. Somedays I need this more than ever.  Progress remains steady, too.  Still on sock #1 for my winding ways.  The photo is recycled from last week (See title for explanation of laziness on taking new picture)  but I assure you, progress has been made. Tuesday saw  the completion of the first heel turn and start of the leg so by the end of the long weekend I expect to be onto sock #2. I am still a pair behind on where I’d hope to be for my 12 in 12 challenge (personal challenge for my Year of Projects list) but either A) I’ll catch up once the season of Doom hits to B)I’ll fall short and still have more than enough socks to get me through a month without doing laundry so it’ll be no big deal. Time will tell!

The bigger news on the week is I’ve cast on my Tir Chonaill! I was rather proud of myself for resisting until I finished my Wingspan (more on that come Friday).  The kit took something like 8 weeks to get here from Scotland and the waiting was brutal. I am not exactly the most patient girl in the world, especially when it comes to the yarn thing, so the wait was KILLER.  But what was worse was being mid-project and sticking to my “Two-ish projects at a time” rule. I knew Wingspan would be off the needles sometime over last weekend if I held strong so I committed to finishing. Even left the Tir Chonaill kit in my office for the week to help with the temptation resistance. And it worked. Until Friday. Which still worked since I finished Wingspan first!

My first cast on was a lesson in knitter’s humility. I swear to you I made sure I hadn’t twisted the provisional cast on when I knit my first row. SWEAR. Like on my mother’s grave swear. But half way though the first pattern repeat, I realized that swearing is bad. I shouldn’t do it. But I did. A lot. As I frogged my knitting. And started over.

Have I mentioned how I’m really not a fan of provisional cast ons but occasionally suffer through them for the good of the project?

Cast on #2 has been far more successful.  As of Monday night, I finished the 2nd repeat. Its even more gorgeous than I’d imagined possible. I don’t know that I love the yarn. It has a much different hand than what I’m used to working with. Not a smooth, easy knit like, say, Cascade 220 or my beloved Malabrigo, but its worth the effort. The Soft Donegal worsted is tweed, each color flecked with the other colors in the kit so everything blends beautifully.  It makes the knitted fabric look so much more complicated than the stitch pattern actually is. There isn’t anything I don’t love about this project. Except for the nagging fear that I’m going to run out of the main color before I get through all 7 repeats.

I’m trying to decide what to do about that. For now I’ve decided to keep knitting and see how much I have left after the third repeat.  If I need to order more, it’s going to cause a major delay in the project as I have to order it from across the pond. But since the math isn’t my strongest subject, it’s entirely possible I could be overreacting. I want to get through the third repeat and see how much yarn I have left before making any decisions. That should easily happen before the end of the labor day weekend. It will not, however, happen tonight as Bubbles has decided it would be unwise for the mama to knit on such an epic project in her current, margarita “enhanced” state. So the sock is gonna see some love. While I watch Buffy. And drink more.

I may regret this decision by the time the rest of you are reading this post… In fact I’m almost certain I will, but you know, sometimes a girl just needs to drink stupidly to remind herself why she knits most nights instead, right?


13 responses to “WIP Wednesday #I forget and am too far gone to care to look it up

  1. Is kitty nursing your knitting? That’s a familiar sight.

    • Actually I don’t think she is. At least not in this picture. It’s a common sight in the household, though. Fuzzy blankets are a favorite. Bubbles is more inclined to clean my yarn cakes than nurse on the knitting, though. It was pretty funny the other night when she actually got a full skein STUCK to her tongue!

  2. Wow, Tir Chonaill really is gorgeous. I love the contrast color you’re using. I do hate that “Is this really enough yarn?” voice though. Stupid nagging thing.

  3. Kitty’s care a lot.

  4. Your intoxication was not noticeable, in this post at least 🙂

    Kitty! Gorgeous!

    And knitting! Gorgeous also. I can’t think about doing colourwork yet, makes me queasy.

    • Honestly, i think this is only my third trip down the color work lane. It requires attention be paid all the time, but it isn’t so hard otherwise. Promise!

  5. I hate provisional cast ons too, but you have some lovely projects going on here!

  6. Ugh. I hate draining weeks at the office. Hopefully, knitting, booze and Buffy helped to improve things! 😀

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