George gets a facelift

You’ve been introduced to George before.  He’s a handsome enough old devil to be sure…  Spins great, too, but the truth was, George was showing his age just a bit.  Nothing serious, just a few water spots, dulling of the finish, the sorts of things you’d expect from a 31 year old bit of wood that’s been hauled around through all kinds of weather and such. So this weekend I decided George had earned a spa day.

Started with a full out disassembly and a serious exfoliation with a degreaser.  YEARS of oil build up needed to be cleaned up.  From there, it was a lovely bubble bath with the Murphy’s Oil Soap. I do love how that stuff smells! And George looked pretty darn good, but we weren’t done.

After a quick consult with my father in law the woodworker, it was established that the best preservative to use on George would be 2 coats of a 50/50 mixture of linseed oil & paint thinner brushed on with a day allowed between coats to dry.  Saturday was so lovely out that I set up shop on the back porch for the degrease, bubble bath and coat #1. I was amazed at what a difference that first coat made in George’s overall condition.  Coat #2 was even better! A solid wheel that looked a little tired but well loved now looks like something I could easily keep in the living room as functional furniture. Alas, the room’s too small and already pretty full up so George will spend the winter in my stash room after a couple more trips out to Civil War reenactments this year, but he will be stored looking good and ready for more outdoor spinning next year!

High humidity forced an extra day’s drying time. but check this out

George looks GOOD.



3 responses to “George gets a facelift

  1. Wow!!!!! That is amazing! Makes me want to run out and get some Murphy’s for my own wheel.
    BTW – I should have enough different yarn for a second swap. I can send it out the weekend of Sept 15th. Does that work for you?

    • It was really the Linseed oil/Paint thinner part that made George really shine, but it started with the bubble bath.

      I can make that work. Won’t be home that weekend but I have a collection set aside for you already and a whole lot more that I didn’t include the first time so let me know what you want to do weight wise and I’ll box some up!

  2. George looks great! I swear linseed oil is magic – how else could it work so well on both wood AND leather? Those are not similar media.

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