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WIP Wednesday #10

I’m not going to lie. There’s not been a lot of movement from last week.  Which is pretty much the normal.

I know I’m going to be in trouble with several of you for not taking updated photos of my Tir Chonaill.  The knitty bits are finished so its a project on the verge of finished, but a couple of circumstances are going to prevent the official finished declaration from being made until next week.

First up, I’ll be brutally honest, the blanket and I, we nearly came to blows last weekend.  Even though I’d knit my sample and understood the process, it turned out to translate very differently to the big project. There was a moment where I seriously questioned the sanity and humanity of the designer (Sorry Kate. I still love your work and your blog, it was a momentary issue, I promise. So much so that I’ve purchased a second lap blanket pattern from you since!) The instructions for completing the steek sandwich have you pick up and knit a total of 544 stitches (which was low for my actual knitting. I either can’t count or can’t follow directions, but I just accept this and move on) on a 40″ circular needle for the front half of the steek sandwich, then pick up and knit the same number of stitches with a 2nd 40″ needle for the back side. I wrestled with the back side for nearly 2 hours, managed less than half a row and decided Kate was a sadist. There is just no way to manipulate that many stitches with one needle as a fixed point and the other moving round as you knit. Can’t be done by mere mortals.  So, hating myself with every stitch, I transferred the front side stitches to waste yarn.  Hating myself because the thought of picking up 544 (560) stitches all over again nearly brought me to tears. But I did it. And I finished the 2nd half of my steek sandwich, knit the two halves together and started the I-Cord binding that same night.

As it turned out, picking up the stitches was a breeze. I used a nice, snooth worsted weight (Cascade 220) as my waste yarn and ended up being able to pick the stitches up right from the yarn as I went rather than picking them up and knitting off the 2nd needle.  This saved a lot of time and, after trying to pick them up a little at a time with a needle, a lot of energy, too, and produced a very lovely result.  I’m still not convinced there isn’t a small bit of sadist in Kate for the I-cord binding, but in all honesty, it does add a gorgeous finishing element to the whole thing and looks grand so I have to give it to her. She wins. I will still consider reknitting this pattern larger at a future date. And I’ll probably even suffer the torture that is finishing it since I’ve learned a few things along the way to make it much easier on myself!

Now, for the real reason I won’t finish it this week…  If you saw yesterday’s post, you’ll know I finished it at a very bad time…  It’s not the project’s fault.  I know it’s the knitter’s insanity. But I just need to step away from it for a day or 2. Which really means longer because we will be away this weekend wrapping up our reenacting season so I can’t block it and show it off in all the glory it deserves until next week.

And then I’m going to turn it in to the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup for points. Cuz darn it, I deserve some points out of this whole deal! LOL So I will weave in the last of the ends, deal with any stray steek bits that need to be tacked down and remove the waste yarn on Monday. And I will take pictures. Lots of pictures. I promise…

In other knitting news, Sock #1 of dad’s plain vanilla has a heel and I’m working on the flap. Once that’s done, it won’t be but a couple of lunch hours before sock #1 will be a done deal. Which, unfortunately, means it’ll be time to start sock #2. But oh well, it’s the curse of knitting for 2-footed people, right?

Since Tir Chonaill is off the needles, I transfered my Whippoorwhill onto a circular and knocked out a few more rows of that last night. After spending a fair bit of time putting my circular sets and other things that I’d pulled out to finish Tir Chonaill and haphazardly shoved into the yarn box while I knit furiously on the last back in order. I really exploded with needles, stitch markers and a lot of other things for a bit there! WOW.  But the shawl has changed very little from the picture last week so I didn’t take one this week.  Maybe by tonight I’ll get to the next color transition and it’ll get more interesting.  I can hope at least!


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