Daily Archives: September 1, 2012

NOW What have I gotten myself into

As you might have guessed, I had a heck of a lot of fun with the Ravellenic Games last month (Crap. That was last month already. How the heck did it get to be September?!). Turns out I like a bit of group activity, even if it’s a virtual group, to help spur things along with my knitting.  Not so long ago, someone (I can’t remember now if it was on Ravelry or the blog, honestly) introduced me to another group on Rav- the Harry Potter Knit & Crochet House Cup Challenge.  So I checked it out.

And lept in feet first, eyes shut and squeeing with glee while I did it.

My introduction came just as the group was wrapping up it’s spring term so I had a little time to poke around, try and figure out what it’s all about and decide if it was something I really wanted to do in time for the fall Sorting. Fans of the book will understand what the sorting is. If you don’t know, I’m going to make you read it to find out. You’ll get no spoilers from me.

Sorting took place this week and I’ve been placed in Slytherin House. And I couldn’t be more excited about it! As the books go, I would never expect to find myself at home in this particular house, it is just not my sort of atmosphere, but the HPKCHC houses aren’t quite the same as the book houses. Slytherin is the snarky, whitty, grab a cocktail and a hottie house. The fun kids. My people. My first few days in the house have been a whirlwind of trying to figure things out and get to know the game. Today the Class List goes up so I get to figure out how to fit the things I’m planning to knit in the next three months into homework assignments. I’m told this is pretty easily done and the game only requires one homework assignment per month each term. I can definitely manage 1 finished object a month.

Of course, in keeping with Harry Potter tradition, there are extra tasks that can be undertaken as well. There are Order of the Phoenix missions, OWLs, NEWTs and, of course, Quidditch.  I am still learning the ropes and not sure what quite all of them involve or how many of them I will endeavor to compete in.  Right now, I’m waiting to see what the class list looks like. And proposing an OWL in the Charms discipline. OWLS are long-term projects, things that take 2-3 months to complete.

As you may have guessed, long term knitting projects aren’t necessarily my thing, I like things I can finish in a month or so (Which, as I understand it, should qualify as Order Of the Phoenix missions), but it turns out many OWLs have spinning options.  So I’m putting together a proposal to undertake an OWL by spinning lots of lace weight between now and November 30. I need official approval before I can begin my coursework so in the mean time, I’m going to busy myself with getting to know my Slytherin house mates, my small group (the Copperheads Nest) and figuring out the classes. I’m sure you’ll hear about all of this in the coming months. Should be fun! And hopefully I’ll get a lot done as a result!