Daily Archives: September 7, 2012

Failed Friday

This is where I would normally post my triumphs over knitting for the week. Finished Object Friday has become one of my favorite posts. It means A) I’ve finished something and B) I getta show it off which helps me to remember what I’ve done over the course of my knitting year. And a few days back I was pretty sure I’d have some nifty socks to show off.

Turns out that was just my KDD talking. You know- Knitter’s Delusional Disorder. The disease whereby otherwise sane (relatively speaking of course) people concoct delusions of grandeur over the amount of knitting that will be accomplished in any given time period. ¬†This week’s symptom was convincing myself that I could finish the leg and cuff of sock #2 over my lunch breaks. What I didn’t take into account was the necessity of therapeutic burgers on Wednesday or taking one of my work friends out for lunch for her birthday on Friday. Nor skipping an entire night of knitting to write the week’s blog posts instead. Or even the fact that it was a short week so I lost a lunch hour on Monday and somehow the inclusion of a holiday puts the rest of the week on some sort of warp speed you really can’t explain. Its not like the number of days or hours in the week have changed, but somehow time has adjusted itself in ways you don’t understand and can never quite predict.

So my second sock remains virtually unchanged from the WIP Wednesday report. It’s maybe an inch longer, but that inch is plain stockinette so there’s nothing even worth photographing at this point. And the thing is, I’ve decided I’m OK with this. I am still pretty sure I can finish it before we leave Tuesday night. It won’t be making the Great Road Trip of 2012 with me whether finished or not, but since I KNOW Tir Chonaill won’t be finished and that thought nearly kills me, I am not walking away from a 3/4 finished sock, too. ¬†Which means there’s a good chance the blanket will be set aside while I watch football on Sunday. The truth is, it’s probably best not to attempt color work during the Packer game anyway. Something about my favorite distraction and color work do not play well together. Shocking, right? So the sock will be finished and with a little luck, I’ll cast on a toe for one of the pairs of socks I’m bringing along for the road. if I have the toe done, I can knit in the dark Tuesday night. Progress Tuesday night is key since I can already assure you my KDD is in full swing for this trip. Come back tomorrow and you can read all about that!

And if you want to see some real Finished Objects today, head over to Tami’s blog and see what others have been up to for the week!