Road Trip Knitting

For better than a year, Mr.Me and I have been planning a trip to the 150th Battle of Antietam reenactment. Hard to believe that much time has passed and we’re getting ready to hit the road in a couple of days.

National events are always a bit of a production.  Wisconsin wasn’t home to a lot of action in the Civil War so if we want to go to a big event with true historic roots, we need to travel. And the road trips are never short!  This one stands at around 14 and a half hours each way. That’s a lot of truck time. And that much drive time means extra time on either side of the event for getting there and getting home. We mis-read the schedule for this one, thought it was a three day event so we made our plans to leave Tuesday after work so we do most of the traveling Wednesday, get set up and the lay of the land Thursday and participate in the event Friday-Sunday.  Turns out it’s just a 2 day event so we get some extra time to play tourist. Which really is exciting. We usually do these trips with such a quick turn around time that there’s hardly time to catch your breath before heading for home and back to work. So we’re looking forward to spending a day in Gettysburg since it should be less crowded than it will be next summer when we go out for the 150th anniversary of that battle and whatever else suits our fancy for the extra day. But as a knitter, this means there is a whole lot of time to be filled, too… So obviously I’ve spent weeks fretting over what to pack…

I spent Monday doing a good clean out and organization of my knitting widgets that have escaped the stash room (or more truthfully, never made it into the stash room…  Back when the stash fit in a dresser drawer with room to spare… How cute!) I had already decided the green bag would be ideal for stashing all my stuff in the truck.  Big enough to hold several patterns, a couple magazines in case I need a change of pace, my Kindle, yarn, needles, all the important bits for keeping your knitter sane. But it usually holds all of my unused needles, eleventymillion stitch markers, stitch holders, you know… the stuff you collect in bulk because you can never find it when you need it so you buy more only to find what you were looking for but then you discover the new stitch markers are far superior to the old stitch markers for whatever whim of a reason you decide on that day but will certainly question next time you in the knitting shop and see another kind you haven’t tried before. Yeah. That stuff.

So I cleaned out my bag. I found a bunch of patterns I’d forgotten I bought. I put those away , too…  I love back to school shopping season. I look for excuse to buy stuff. I invent reasons to organize just for the excuse to buy a new binder, a couple of notebooks and a new pack of pens and highlighters. So I bought myself a binder and some sheet protectors, color coded, to put my patterns into so that they are in one place and more easily found. Did all those sorts of clean up projects to empty the bag. Heck, I even turned up a $50 bill in one of the pockets. Still can’t figure that one out. I feel like it shouldn’t be mine to spend. I must have collected it to pass on to someone else for something I’ve long forgotten. Cuz for real, who loses $50 and doesn’t even realize it? But I NEVER take this bag places where I’d collect money for others. And no one’s come looking for $50. So it must be mine. But I still can’t believe I wasn’t freaking out over my missing $50 months ago. This is not the sort of thing one normally forgets! ACK! But I digress…

I cleaned out the bag and started assembling the stuff I have been planning to bring on the trip.  First, the Charlie Chevron Scarf.  For a while now, this has topped my list for an in the truck project. Simple enough stitch pattern to make it do-able when bouncing down the road but enough detail to keep it interesting. And since it uses multiple colors, there’s a good chance I’ll have enough yarn to knit a hat or two either in camp or in the truck if the scarf gets done.  Of course, there being another Bon Jovi fish hat on deck for this month, I figured I’d toss in an extra ball of Cascade 220 in purple to add interest.  So I’m up to 5 balls of yarn.

Socks are a must for any travel knitting experience. Socks are something I can clip to a belt loop and work on while touring. Easy for the extra road trip time between destinations or for keeping my hands busy when I finish museum exhibits before Mr.Me. Also for a row or 2 between ordering food and having it arrive at my table. So I tossed in a ball of sock yarn. But having knit half a sock in one go on Sunday, my knitters delusion kicked in and I was convinced I’d finish a pair of socks for my FIL (Christmas knitting of course) and be stuck with nothing to do. So I had to throw in a second ball for good measure. Count now stands at 7 balls of yarn. For a 6 day trip. Totally sane, right? I will definitely knit more than a skein a day…

Then there’s the camp knitting bag. Different bag. Lime green nylon will NOT work in a Civil War camp.  So I needed to get my camp project into my carpet bag. For that one I’m opting to finally cast on my Whippoorwill.  The yarn and pattern have been in my stash for months. The colors are natural enough to pass the authenticity test from 10 yards on a galloping horse and I have straight wooden needles that I can start it out on.  I figure if I get everything else finished and need to work on the shawl on the way home, I can always transfer it onto circular needles once we’re on the road. Cuz of COURSE I’m taking a full set of HiyHiya interchangeables along in the truck bag. What sane knitter wouldn’t. So the count stands at 10 balls of yarn and a virtually infinite selection of needles. Nothing strange about this, right? Totally logical. I will be away from my stash for 6 days. S-I-X. 6 whole days. Little chance of hitting a yarn shop along the way, might not even have the spinning wheel along to make more SIX LONG DAYS WITHOUT ACCESS TO MORE YARN.  I get the shakes just thinking about it. Should I throw in a couple more skeins? Do you think I’ll be OK? I don’t want to run out. Oh man if I run out I’m going to seriously cry… How will I pass the time. ACK

You know I am not going to finish a single project and will likely not TOUCH at least 6 of the 10 skeins, right?

Oh… And should I mention the partial sock on a set of DPNS already in the carpet bag? That I don’t plan to take out unless there’s a problem fitting the camera in there?

Nope… Nothing to see here. Move along folks. All is normal. Totally and completely normal…


7 responses to “Road Trip Knitting

  1. Bwahahahahahah! I laugh so I don’t cry, because I’ve been there. Oh, how I’ve been there. And been detained at the airport security check-in because of all the pointy things in my carry-on.

  2. Haha I can so relate; I always pack way too much knitting for trips. I used to know a knitter who brought her spinning and natural dyeing stuff along to Revolutionary War reenactments. It worked out really well because she and the knitters could trade off (or sell to each other) if one ran out of materials during a reenactment.

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