Second Verse, Same As the First- YOP 9/8/12

The list this week remains identical to the list last week.  And I’m pretty sure it might even be the same as the week before that. Which isn’t to say I haven’t been knitting, I just haven’t been FINISHING. Which means I haven’t been starting. Which makes for some seriously dull “updates”, don’t you think? I’ll offer up a progress report just the same.

My Winding Road socks are right on the precipice of finished. Quite honestly, I expect by the time the day is out, they’ll be done. I’m knitting away on the leg of sock #2 and am just a bit shy of the magic that is the sideways cabled cuff.  This being NFL Kick-off Sunday, I’ll be spending the majority of my day on the couch in front of the big screen, high def feed that is my happy place for twenty odd Sunday’s a year. And I’ve learned the hard way that while I need to keep my hands busy so I don’t chew my fingernails to bloody stumps I shouldn’t do things that require intense concentration, either, so football days make for great sock knitting days. I should be able to finish the cuff before the Packer game kicks off at 3:25. But it’s not done at the time of writing this post so I won’t cheat and call it done.

I continue to make good progress on Tir Chonaill, as well.  I’m on the last of the 7 repeats and still madly in love. I’m trying desperately not to think about what’s about to come though- the pants crapping scary part where I have to cut the tube into a flat blanket.  HOLD ME! I figure thousands before me have undertaken this insanity challenge so I can do it, too, but I’m not going to lie, the mere thought of taking a scissors to this piece makes my knees quake. It’s so pretty. I don’t want to screw it up. I should have enough yarn to knit a bit of a sample, maybe a single block of the pattern repeat, and practice the crochet reinforcement and steek sandwich Kate Davies recommends in her pattern, which would make the whole process a lot less scary, I think, but I also suspect this will be on hold for the next week or two.  Doesn’t sound like the sort of thing that makes for good travel knitting so this one will stay behind when we leave for Maryland on Tuesday. I expect the thought of taking a scissors to it will haunt me the entire time we’re gone, too! ACK

I will confess one thing where the project is concerned- there is one part I don’t love… This one:

That’s a lot of freakin’ ends to weave in people. A LOT. Normally (she says like she’s done so much color work) I carry my unused colors up the seam but since this is to end as a flat piece, I didn’t think that would be the best option. Not to mention wrasslin’ four balls of yarn for this long a piece just didn’t sound like fun. At all. So I’ve been trying to weave a few in here and there so as to keep it from being a totally overwhelming prospect, but still. A lot of freakin’ ends…

I expect there won’t be a post from me next Sunday, but I’ll try to update late since I hope there will be a few more finishes to note. That or my KDD will rear its ugly head and I won’t finish anything despite 28 hours in the truck, camp knitting time and all of that, but I don’t think that will be the case. There should be a scarf, a pair of socks and maybe a hat or two knocked out during the trip. Which will be a nice boost tot he finished object count, don’t you think?

So here’s a repeat of the list from last week.

Socks (1 pair per month is my goal)

  1. Deranged Dad Socks (f/k/a Argyles for Dad) (Orgy of Greed gift) Cast on 7/10/12, on hiatus as of 8/13/12
  2. Celtic Beaded Socks Completed 8/9/12
  3. Baldersquash (Smart Ass Knitter’s World Domination Club June 2012 pattern)
  4. Plain socks for dad (another Orgy of Greed gift) I expect these to be on the needles before Tuesday. 
  5. Masonic Lodge (possibe OoG gift for Mr.Me)
  6. Jaywalker
  7. Helen Socks
  8. Hoot & A Half
  9. Lenore
  10. Winding Road Socks Cast on 8/16
  11. TBD
  12. TBD


  1. Insouciant
  2. Camden Place Cardigan
  3. Emma’s Chemise
  4. Elphaba the sequel

Shawls, Scarves, etc

  1. Irish Hiking Scarf Cast on 7/28/12, Completed 7/31/12.
  2. Whipoorwhill– Packed and ready for a road trip cast on
  3. Rockefeller– WestKnits Mystery Shawl KAL 2012. I have a yarn theory in mind. I should create a stats category for this I think. Theoretical knitting It should count for something…
  4. Pogona
  5. Zuzu Petals for April (OoG)
  6. Wingspan– Cast on 8/17/12 off 8/24/12
  7. Boneyard– Cast on 7/21/12, off 8/15/12
  8. Charlie Chevron ScarfPlan to cast on 9/12 while driving (well riding, you know what I mean) as this will be a project for the Harry Potter House Cup as well as travel knitting
  9. Clapotis Cast on 7/8/12, off 7/25/12


  1. Dead Fish Hat– Joey (OoG)
  2. Dead Fish Hat Maddy (OoG)
  3. Dead Fish Hat Audra (OoG) Cast on 8/14/12, Off 8/17
  4. Dead Fish Hat Onna (OoG) Back up travel knitting if I finish the scarf
  5. Irish Hiking Hat for Scottie Cast on 7/31, Finished 8/1
  6. Turn A Square for Mr.Me (OoG) Also prepared for trip knitting if I have mad finishing skills
  7. Winter Hiking Hat for James (OoG) (Pattern subject to change on a whim!)

Just To Prove My Insanity

  1. EBI No progress since the Ravellinic Games wrapped up but I have several swaps in the works so more colors coming soon!
  2. Tir Chonaill  cast on 8/24
  3. Ball Sack Cast on 7/12/12. Cast off 7/13/12

Progress To Date:

Projects on the original list: 34

Projects on the list now: 35+

OTN 3/27

Completed 8/35


9 responses to “Second Verse, Same As the First- YOP 9/8/12

  1. Oh my the ends, I hate doing that too, so much so it might have kept me from that project….impressed you’re working so well with it…go go go! I also understand unchanged list, no new starts, cause nothing’s finished.

  2. Wow, that is a lot of ends! It’s the ends that keep me from doing colourwork, since my end weaving in skills are not good, and I don’t usually hide them very well. And good luck steeking, I look forward to seeing it finished!

  3. Uuuggghh, I hate ends…wish there was someway of getting round them, I always stress that they may all go ping and pop out while my newly knitted thing unravels!

    I’m feeling your pain also n the cutting sounds like a nightmare to me.

    My YOP updates feel very stagnant, I think as there is more knitting than crochet and I am slow when I knit.

  4. ha..I’m with you about being on the couch on sundays.. I’m watching the packers game now!

  5. If your football watching is like my hockey watching then you’ll find you knit faster as the pace of the game picks up 🙂

    I have to go now. I have to cast on Tir Chonaill …. totally your fault as you keep making me want to knit it! Even pictures of the ends to weave in isn’t putting me off, so I must want it BAD!

  6. I agree, I may be a new knitter but I learned real fast about leaving ends to the last. Thank goodness my projects haven’t been big enough to have too many and now I only let 4 or 5 go before weaving them in else I would never pick it up again! LOL!
    You should be so happy to know how to knit all those gorgeous items! And to be able to watch football AND knit is a miracle in my book! I am a BIG football fan. I can crochet but not knit….trust me, I’ve tried and screw up every time unless it’s just straight knitting but I’m doing those dang 1st pair of socks and it’s K2P2 which is fine until I try to watch a game and then I screw it up so NO KNITTING during games for me until I get REALLY good….how long do you think that’s going to take??? Or am I just ADD and will never be able to walk and chew bubble gum?
    I love your projects and it is what inspires me to knit and frog and knit and frog until I get as good as my fellow Ravelers! I’m 63 so I may not have a lot of time,,,,LOL! There are some things that just take time and you should start when you’re young! Have a great week and a fun time camping and vacationing!

  7. Aww the best weaving end parties are with a good movie on sitting on the couch! Glad to see your list is big like mine :]

  8. Noooo! The thought of taking scissors to Tir Chonaill is one that will wake me in the night. I’m sure you’re an expert though, and that the instructions will be bomb-proof. Looking forward to seeing the socks too!

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