Daily Archives: September 10, 2012

Sometimes you just have to get silly

The Harry Potter House Cup is going to challenge me. Not with the knitting and the crazy goal setting.  Well, that’s not quite true. That part is a challenge, but on that it is just me challenging myself to turn stuff out within a certain time frame. Sort of like the Ravellenic games, just a personal challenge, maybe learn a new skill or two, see how much crazy I can pack into a month (or three), that sort of thing.

The challenge, though, is with the role playing part. It’s the Harry Potter House Cup. Of course some level of role play is going to need to happen.  I knew this. But how much is still surprising me a bit. Not even sure why that is, but it is.  Role play is definitely outside my comfort zone. I’ve been a Civil War reenact or for most of 15 years and I still am not comfortable in a first person role. Definitely outside the box.

To my advantage, this is an online thing so I can be silly in relative anonymity. This helps.  The way the game is played, I also have lots of folks to go to for help, folks who’ve been playing the game for a while and have honed their skills. HUGE help. But yesterday I managed a bit of, for me at least, genius in the role play department!  I honestly didn’t see this coming before I started. But one of the class prompts for the month of September revolves around ancient ruins. And it just so happens my Winding Road socks could be worked into this prompt. But it was going to take a little creativity because I started the first sock before the Fall Term began.  The rules of the game say that things that are knit in pairs need to be turned in in pairs and in order to turn things in for class credit, they must be knit during the term, otherwise they can only be turned in for detention.  Well I’d already turned in some spinning for detention credit this term and I was hoping to get some points for the socks.

Luckily, there are loop holes. Socks need to be turned in in pairs, but since it’s Harry Potter related and one of the characters in the book, Dobby the House Elf, declared socks that do not match to be his preference, there’s a tidy little loop hole for socks that let me work this knit into my class prompts…  I can turn in a Dobby pair! Which means they don’t have to match at all, they can be different yarn, different sizes, whatever works for me.  So I finished my second sock (YAY! Another one of my Year of Projects list!) and decided to knit a mini sock. Tiny little thing gave me a second brilliant idea…  Not only could I get points for the turn in, I could play up the role playing bit by  explaining how I’d enchanted the socks with a bit of Charms application- the socks are a smidge bigger than I’d like, so I used one charm to snug that sock up and I used a different charm to enlarge the second sock so they both fit perfectly! Silly, yeah, but given the fact that I spent Sunday doped up on muscle relaxers today (old lady back… Need to fix this before hitting the road tomorrow!), I thought it was a rather proud moment.  So what that I have a completely useless little sock that would barely hold a tube of lipgloss. It was FUN! And I got points. And even though points are utterly meaningless to real life, they are clearly the most important thing in the whole wide Harry Potter Knit And Crochet House Cup WORLD! And all knitting will revolve around this for the foreseeable future. And I’m totally and completely OK with that!