WIP Wednesday #8 (I think)


I’m cheating a little with my WIP Wednesday post this week- by the time you read this I’ll be on the road heading for Antietam so its a little what I know is still in WIP status and a little of what I expect to be in WIP status by the time this is published. All are projects attached to my Year of Projects list so this makes me happy! Most will also count as projects in the Harry Potter House Cup- Double Happy!

What I know to be a WIP is Tir Chonaill. Fighting every ounce of my being, I’ve left this one at home. I’m onto the last repeat which puts this in the close enough to finished to taste it category. But Its not appropriate truck knitting. So it’s at home. Where I am not. Neglected but not unloved. I expect anything that’s on the needles when we get home from our trip will be tossed unceremoniously into a heap so that I can finish the blanket.

Next up is a pair of plain old vanilla socks for my FIL. I know these are official. Since I finished my Winding Road socks on Sunday, The toe for sock #1 was cast on at lunch time on Monday. I wanted to get the toe of the first sock finished so that I could work on it Tuesday night when we headed out. Plain old stockinette is totally knit-able in the dark so I figure by the time you read this, the foot will be mostly complete. And I was right just about time to start the gusset and i haven’t even borked it too bad with the whole blind knitting but! I’m using a self patterning sock yarn so it won’t be boring for me but won’t require actual attention paying to make for good in the dark and touring museum knitting on the trip.

And next up is my Charlie Chevron Scarf. I am using this as a Quidditch project for the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup and according to the challenge rules, I get to cast it on today. Mine ought to look pretty much exactly like the one in the photos on the Ravelry pattern page except that I am substituting a bright pink for the green. Otherwise, expect the same color scheme and everything. Should be a simple knit for in the truck but enough interest with the frequent color changes to keep it exciting. My KDD tells me this will be finished by the time we land in Maryland. There’s a tiny little voice of reason that tells me to stop being ridiculous. Bets on what wins?

6 responses to “WIP Wednesday #8 (I think)

  1. So many wonderful projects started, can’t wait to see them when they’re all finished, especially the Tir Chonaill!

  2. Oooo! That chevron scarf is fantastic! Interestingly, I’ve never knit a plain vanilla sock. I might have to give it a try the next time I’m in the mood to make socks for my husband.

    • I’m busily working on the scarf now and its not bad. Interesting enough to be engaging but mindless enough that i can sight see along the way!

      As for vanilla socks, they aren’t necessarily my favorite but sometimes they are the perfect project!

  3. love that scarf pattern! is it reversible?

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